Time Aware Saturday Thread

Glorious day here in London, I’ve stayed up all night so will likely be missing a train I booked to go to a rave in Bristol. I don’t care. Was then going to surprise visit my parents after that, but again, doesn’t look likely.
I suppose in one way I’ve just traded one terrible night for another.

Today will be spent keeping time, and trying to keep away from myself in case anything bad happens.

Tell us about the time you’re having.

You should go to sleep more


I’m umming and ahhing about going for a run but probably will eventually do it. Sitting reading ‘Descartes’ Error’ by Antonio Damasio, which is written in almost parodic pop-science style, but the subject matter’s easily interesting enough to forgive that.

Off to London to see my family in a while, so I hope the ‘glorious day’ isn’t sarcasm although I’m reasonably sure it is.

Nah it’s really sunny

Cwbaft but I’m not having a very good time (again)

Fuck yes! It isn’t in Brighton.

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Hope today improves dramatically, Ruffers :tulip:

Should I actually sleep now or just stroll to the bagel shop?

Oh we’re keeping time aware guys and I’m going to need some help so if we could periodically let each other know.

It’s 08:18am. Plenty of time.

Off to a friend’s wedding at Westminster. Fancy!

Oooh, have fun! What time?

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Hi ruffers! :wave:

Starts at 12 but have to allow 45 mins for security!

Start work in 28 minutes. Destroying a greggs sausage and bacon sandwich NOW.

Hi there Mr Ruffles. I’m golfing this morming - 11:04am tee off. Should take around 3.5 hours so I should be back in the clubhouse eating a roll n square sausage at around 2:45pm.
Got people coming over to our gaff tonight at 6pm. We’ll probably get a Chinese takeaway at 7:30pm.

Try and have as good a day as you can, you sexy mutha.


Hello, it’s 8:36am. I’m going to band practice for three hours at 10am but i feel absolutely dreadful, think i’m getting a bit ill. Have no plans for the rest of the day so will probably sleep. It took me three mins to write this post and it’s now 8:39am.

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This is the 8:44am post.


Going to bootcamp in 45 mins. Then, no plans.

Bagel shop THEN sleep


Way behind on the work I need to do. So was planning on starting at hour earlier (7am), current estimated start time (9am - which is in 14 minutes time)

Never pass up a bagel! (8:47am)