Time For a New Country

This is a thread about adding a new country to our world. The parameters of the threads are strictly about the physical shape of the new country and where you would put it.

Our more creatively ambitious colleagues may wish to visualise their new country on a map.

Further rules:

  1. The new country must not occupy the space of a currently existing country, you may add your new country to bodies of water and they can share a land-border with a country that isn’t land-locked if that is your desire
  2. As with all threads, please show a degree of respect to the participants and the threadsmith regardless of your thoughts on the worthiness/pointlessness of the content
  3. Have fun with it!

Thanks. God bless x

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What name would the country have?

This would be my new country


We might come onto that at some stage. For now I really would like us to focus on the physical shape of the new country and where you would want to put it

Woah that’s pretty metal :metal:

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Yeah, it’s cool isn’t it




Good location. Lots of wasted space there.


Somaliland or New Caledonia for me Clive


Ah ok. That’s not really my area of expertise but maybe a country in the shape of the data storage icon could be interesting?

It sounds like it would be making quite an interesting point

It wouldn’t

Oh… My mistake

Would join up portugal and america with my new country

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Yeah, this seems smart actually.

“I’m walkin’ to Portugal here!” - New Yorkers when the new country is added


Vasgo De Gama (explorer not football club) presented the idea to me in a dream.

I believe this