Time for a Thursday night evening thread

We’re having Thai green curry for dinner. HBU?

Feel free to share other exciting nuggets that are illuminating your evenings

Got to stay 3hrs later at work because of sickness. Casual 11hr day. Fuck

Decent day at work. First time in a long time that I’ve said that. Haven’t been arsed with shopping so going to have to scratch about the freezer for something to eat. Failing that I’ll have to bring a weekend takeaway forward. Nightmare…

gonna get a lentil soup and chips delivered from my local turkish

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Shoulders up round my ears for no reason again. Hello anxiety my old friend. Had a very unproductive day which is probably why.

Going to play animal crossing tonight because that is what women in their late 30s do, isn’t it.


Do you dip the chips in? No judgement btw (I would)

Second time this week. Really fucked off

:expressionless: that sucks

It can’t be helped I suppose, but it means finishing at 11 and starting again at 8

Of course Jimbo rejected it on first mouthful

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It’s not my plan but it’s gonna end up happening

Evening all!

We’ve had breakfast for tea (sourdough toast, sausage and black pudding, beans, eggs, avo) and it was good.

I’m going to see Tricky in a bit.


Don’t fight it

Eating shortbread and drinking wine. #dietinpieces

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How come butter is like £2 but shortbread you can pick up for 50p a packet. They’re losing millions! Shortbread producers just in it for the great biscuits!

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The 5.15 start is catching up with me. Have done mock print, telephone, television and radio press interviews today and I am done in.

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Spontaneous dis horror night :hocho:

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Christ on a tricycle it’s cold out there. That absolutely wasn’t worth it.

putting the bins out

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Gochujang aubergine and sweet potato


What have you got against pieces of tin?