Time for an evening thread, title has already been used

Had a very shit day.

Have a dinner dilemma and might just say fuck it and get some sort of takeaway. Thinking of an untried Mexican place but scared so might not.

Listening to Frankie Sparo because he is the best. Going to be dungeoning some dragons in a bit, so that’s nice.

Et toi?

Evening FL. Sorry your day was shite. Mine wasn’t too much better if I’m being honest. Feel exhausted and wiped out. Anyway, picked up 9 (or 3x3) packs of pampers pure aqua wipes for 60p earlier. Don’t think my year is getting much better than that. Boots sell them for a fiver for each 3 pack, so I’ve saved £14.40 there.


Proper bargain, that

Sorry about your day, I hope your evening is better x

Ngl, probably not. Still 2 days left then it’s a nice little break

remember this song

I have also had a bad day please don’t take a picture

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Hi Flashy, Rich, everyone else. Long old day. Only 1 more to go. Having a very meaty dinner of 2 gammon steaks, some square sausage, chips and peas. Might crack open a Devon Red. Sleepy as fuck tbh.


ended up doing quite a lot of work today so quite tired now. got nothing to do though.

i reckon you should go for the mystery mexican


Dinner dilemma here also so probably breadsticks and banana for M, chai for me.

So tired. Might have an early night and face the consequences in work tomorrow :grimacing:



Not into those probiotic yoghurts at all tbh.


Still have brainfog from doing some transcribing, trying to muster up the energy to go outside to get some air + supplies before settling in with some festival films.

we are all eventual ghosts but the very best of us end up haunting yoghurt

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A bit scared for my delicate guts if it is too spicy or has raw onions though is the only thing

Had a very bad chai experience yesterday. Using this new oat milk from a local shop and it has some weird sweetener in (stevia maybe) and is fine in most things but it really threw the whole taste off, was almost undrinkable.

Could maybe add a note to this effect?

I reckon oat milk might be the best thing to make a business out of atm because everyone wants it but nobody knows what it costs.

Also presumably it’s just milking an oat how hard can that be?


Have had done a couple of efforts and they’ve been much crapper than shop bought stuff. Bit of a faff and I hate cleaning my blender. But should have a few more tries.

Picked up rug and put down rug.

Why didnt @guntrip tell me to buy a rug for under my desk pre-Winter I

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meh day, it’s gonna be a long week. that being said made myself a nice hash with leftover roast from the weekend so there’s that.