How are you all spending your evenings?

I’m at my paid part-time job trying to finish some freelance stuff but I’m sooo tired. Booo.

Keep me company? :robot:

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alright bud.

back from dog walk. drinking a becks blue. about to go to aldi. gonna drink gin and watch deadwood later I think.

828273738382 out :v:



Kids are here. I’m BBQ ing. But my ATATD just got in touch to share some shit news and I feel shit for him and shit that I’m such a shit friend sometimes.

i’m at work and no one else in my team is in. motivation therefore even lower than usual.

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Hi WR!! You’re brilliant, I thought you should have a reminder.

I am drinking tea and thinking about making meringues tomorrow.


There is no way they’ll turn out this well but… they might? I can only hope.


ugh every time i actually get round to doing some of my usually very easy work it’s unusually complicated because i keep getting stuff that’s been sent to the wrong place. the worst.

Take it away, @discobot

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Working late, as per.
Hi everyone.

Played football for the first time in about 6 months and have got cold. So currently spluttering and blowing my nose.

Was supposed to be going to a book club but a combination of this and not even having reading half the book is making me think I should skip this month.

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To clarify the like is for WR being brilliant.

Think meringues are rubbish.


how do you mute users again?


oh these look amazing! What are they?

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More of the house has been painted. All of our stuff is everywhere. Can I be arsed sorting everything out? Can I fuck.

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Well, you are entitled to your own opinion!

… it’s just a shame that your opinion is wrong.



what’s that again? Like some kinda sugary treat?

Hi WR, GL with getting your work done.

Hi everyone else too :wave:

I had a very unproductive day. R is already asleep after getting back from his dad’s and I have already had dinner, so I now have a very long time to have an unproductive evening. Think I might be able to finish my book tonight, having been chipping away at it for several months :+1:

Also, I have a big tub of that nice Collective yoghurt (raspberry type) that was inexplicably half price in asda (had two weeks left on the date, was undamaged), think I will have a load of that :yum:


you always make/dream about making the best food!

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Egg whites and sugar