Time for an evening thread 👀



think we’re having a pizza night tonight :muscle: then i’m gonna watch masterc- oh wait it’s finished. then nope i have no plans.

listening to that fiona apple album, sounds like tUnE-YarDS

No plans.

Cooking a butternut squash, chickpea and red onion cous cous salad and pan fried broccoli with ginger, chilli and garlic side dish. gonna drink some beer and watch some crap.

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Just finished watching Feel Good, and it was decent enough

Fajitas for tea



Eat more curry.

Though had some amazing bread dropped off today and already had two slicea one with olive oil and one with butter.

Might watch the NT Treasure Island

gonna eat spag boil instead of the horror burger.

Al dente!!

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no chance

Another one for spaghetti bolognese :muscle:

Gonna turn the other half of it into a chilli tomorrow night :muscle: :muscle: GET IN.

Danny boil


Ate fish tacos. Will go for a walk. Will stay up far too late then get up too late tomorrow. And repeat.

Think I’ll have an early night

Going to eat some burgers and chips, prob grate some cheese on mine as well for a tasty addition.

Then it’s animal crossing, maybe a bit of walking dead although I don’t know why we bother anymore…

@Unlucky watched that Friday, very much enjoyed.

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how about covering the whole lot in beans and/or bean juice?

Made this, so my night has peaked


Youre a disgrace

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Spag bol checking in

I’m making a halloumi curry, not actually super confident about the recipe but we’ll see. TV has made some spring rolls and brownies, so they should deliver even if the curry doesn’t.

Still weeks behind on Masterchef, might catch up on that, or might watch more Devs. Might watch both. Who knows eh!