Time for an evening thread 👀

Look how nice my Freddie’s flowers are
They’re cheering me up


No need to apologise, not your fault.

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Hopefully will turn up this week.

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Evening all!

Had quite a productive day, made a nice lunch for myself and went on a little cycle to the nearby supermarket for some fresh fruit and veg.

Then have sat on the sofa watching mad men for the first time :joy:

Now a little wine and more Mad Men.



had leftovers of yesterday’s dinner

now going to have a Reese’s cup ice cream

zoom at 8, then swiiiiiitch

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Just ordered a MIDI keyboard

In a few months I’m gonna FINALLY be making these albums:



Frying broccoli is great ain’t it


Feel terrible. Gonna lift some dumbbells.

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Not sure if it’s cos of my meds but my lower back really hurts. Wish I could rent a bath

I also have a sore lower back today, weird.

that is quite funny but i abstain from single option polls on principle

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I went outside today! Five minute walk and I was scared the entire time other than briefly being distracted by some bluebells. Progress though.

Ordered a skipping rope so I can hopefully start to get a bit more exercise going.

In that tense period of waiting to see if R will fall asleep in time for me to join film club without delay. Looking uncertain at the moment :grimacing:

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where i find

  • david gray used to shake his head a lot
  • david gray used to shake his head a normal amount

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How far into the Mad Men journey are ya

Fucking hell this is so so so good



Did you ever see much/any Nurse Jackie? Good place for an Edie fix (also bonus Merritt Weaver)

Watching the last few episodes of ‘Sex And The City’ and it has descended into PYORE shite.

Fixing to drink a few cans and maybe play some ‘Skyrim’ later, which happens to be quite a good game, don’t know if anyone’s heard of it though.

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fucking love it when Paulie chips in :smiley:

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