Time for our quarterly deep dive guys

Let’s do it

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holds breath


Guys… has anyone see Scott_Chegg resurface? He’s been gone a while and didn’t take his oxygen gear with him.

It’s a deep dive Colin. Can’t expect him to be straight back up.

I’m going to be doing a policy deep dive into research published on the affect of mortgage interest rates on the levels of construction of micro-home in scenic wooded areas

Are you ready


True dingers, but no-one can hold their breath underwater for 7 minutes without dying.

Sorry lads. Off to live with the fish people now. It’s been a wild ride


I honestly don’t know if we are

Who threw that rubber brick in there, and why?

Cant have more than one dingers, confusing.


Rubber brick? I’d need to get to know it first

The eggy one is probably trying to build himself an underwater house now he thinks he’s aquaman.

Course we can, how many funkmen have we got?

There’s you, @FunkyBadger, @funkycow, @Funkysue, @funkyp, probably dozens more. Room for us all!


@Funkysue should get the title permanently I reckon. You’re right, I’m just old and lazy and cba reading usernames. I’ve no idea who’s posting what.

No word of a lie, @Gnometorious just put her phone down claiming you’re all internet nerds, citing this thread as a key reference point.


Remind her she’s on here while in Spain for a music festival

Check mate


I’m in Frescos, heroically struggling through a plate of salad and a second plate of Pizza.
But also, touché my friend.

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When did everyone start using the term “deep dive”

Maybe it’s because I’m listening to American podcasts but it’s making me develop a twitch

In truth, it’s just seems like moderate level reading around a subject in most cases

There’s only one way to get to the bottom of it. We need to have a hackathon.


A nerd wouldn’t go and live with the fish people, would they?