Time for the Thursday evening thread

Jacket potatoes for dinner, probs with beans and cheese. HBU?


Oh, and despite not even thinking about new sofas this morning, we appear to have acquired a new (second hand) sofa

My other half always hated my old leather sofa, but it’s taken eleven years to get rid of it. The new one came up on the local community Facebook group for a fraction of the price of a new one, without the several month wait that a new one would have. And it’s from the same range as the mini sofa we own too

  • Walk up to the Brudenell for more pints
  • More pints back in town
  • Get train home and go home
  • Get train home and pints near home
  • Other

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Just woke up from a nap. Figured I’d need one before watching Matrix 2 with the gang tonight :sunglasses:

Not up for proper cooking but have some quite nice ready-made soup so that’s me sorted. OMG @shrewbie I just now (while typing, haha) remembered about the yummy looking treats you sent me!! Had forgotten all about it but remembered I thought I’d have it for a film club snack :star_struck: It’s all coming together

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Looks really nice and comfy! And… is that… a lego rainbow!?

Chips and lindaMc burgers for tea then off for West Side Story.

Quite excited tbh.

Flipping cold though.


Yup! Remember absolutely nothing about them from back in the day other than being bored. But having watched the new one now I felt a rewatch was due!

Reckon I could get a rise out of @profk if I tell you I had paella for dinner…

Going round to see Father in law shortly as it is his birthday and there will be cake.


Love them. I’ll go.

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Did some yoga and now i’m going to have some gin because I’m a hip mother in 2002


you’ve got all the essential ingredients of a paella there tbh - mince, bacon, carrots, celery, red AND yellow pepper. plus, kudos for mastering the secret of a proper Valencian paella - not adding any saffron or even colorante.

one of the best attempts i’ve seen on the boards tbh.


I know its not authentic, but it was actually spring onion


Evening all!

A reasonably low key day at work was ruined by a series of changes to my timetable in coming weeks to clean up mistakes made by people who don’t understand their jobs.

We’ve had a freezer/ brown tea of fishcakes, croquettes and and curly fries along with some non-brown peas and sweetcorn.

I’ve been cold all day but I think everyone else has too.

Might watch a film tonight.

watched some simpsons after i got in from work, never get in and put the tv on, quite enjoyed it. :slight_smile:
now making some food and listening to Snoop Dogg thanks to the HGATR thread. :slight_smile:

Just left work and realised I didnt do something I was meant to today. Oops. Still tired and achey so gonna eat some boring oven food, have a bath and hopefully go to bed by about 8:30.

:sleeping: :older_man:

It’s a wooden rainbow, from the days when we were the kind of middle class parents who only bought wooden toys for our toddler



Hi dis

Might do some more writing tonight but feeling too anxious about work so maybe not.

Going to look at cosy pubs i’d like to be sat in and hotels that I can’t afford to stay in for sure though.


Just eaten too many chocolates including too many coffee ones