time of banal and snack

rib n saucy niknaks
tesco nougat caramel bar
pint of sparkling water (my fourth of the day i think, would you believe that?)

thought i was getting the tv’s birthday present delivered to work but i’ve only gone and had it delivered to my old address like a massive numpty so now i’m gonna have to run around like a twat after work. wicked.


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50 minutes until holiday time


Had a Dairy Milk.
Boss is late for our 4pm meeting.
File stuck downloading at 95%.

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Give me snack

No snacks, only tea. Standard.

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I believe in you.

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Nay snacks, just gonna have some more water :pensive:

Accidentally liked a photo of an ex while snooping on Instagram :upside_down_face:


how ironic, i have snacks and no tea!


:grimacing: hoping that Insta’s penchant for never giving you notifications means I’m in the clear.

Just had a bag of cheese and onion Hula Hoops. They’re a bit pongy so I wolfed them down in the kitchen.

Person next to me just spent a minute or so licking the last of the yoghurt out of her pot. She wasn’t making eye contact with me.

I’d take all my meals stood over the sink with my hands if I could.

Choice of three (3) protein bars:

Cookies and cream (fake Oreo)
Nougat, caramal, peanut (fake snickers)
White choc blondie (fake white chocolate summat)

No poll, I’ve been wanting the fake snickers all day

Squash, wispa (the small ones though the bastards) and a roll up for me.

About to walk through the worlds biggest Primark to get to my bus from the other side so i may not ever reappear. I predict i buy no bargains.

(i’ll probably get to the doors, see how busy it is then walk the other way to be fair)

just unlike it you wally.

I’ve had one sausage baguette and a lindt chocolate bar.

I did that straight away obvs!

good lad :slight_smile:

Worse if they saw that too tho :thinking:

That’s the very real worry Eric, yes. The lingering notification.

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