Time spent on the toilet vs age

I’ve compiled a helpful graph showing my habits over the years


found yourself at 19, I see


It’s just nice to collect my thoughts and assess how things have changed over the last six minutes since I last got bored and went for a toilet break

Good stuff

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Also what the hell are you measuring the time in

minutes, obv.

Recently I’ve been taking increasingly more daring naps in the toilets

  • time spent on the toilet
  • age

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“still he persisted, what are you doing in there ?”

“nothing mum !”

Feels to me like there are some parameters missing here. Is this:

  • average time per visit?
  • average per day?
  • average per week?
  • total per day/week/year?


wow, now you’re asking

Behold the ravages of time spent in the toilet

Here for example. You spend 60 mins at work on the shitter. Over what period?


Ok, some context:

  • These are all single visits
  • My diet used to be terrible
  • I nap on the toilet at work
  • When I say nap I mean often I sit there with my eyes closed trying not to smell or hear what is happening around me, then after a period of restlessness maybe catch a few minutes sleep before waking up with a dead and very sore arse from sitting on the hard lid for so long, regretting everything



minutes, its all in minutes

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minutes per year, I see, got you.

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No! Minutes per visit.

ie. At age 33 at work I spend on average 60 minutes on the toilet



It’s probably because i’ve got bowel cancer or something, but as soon as i got past thi…25 mine went from extraordinary piles-enducing marathons to literal pebbles.

Very similar to me, I was turning myself inside out on there for years and then suddenly it all clicked into place and I was in and out of there in 11 or 12 minutes.

Guess where I am now!