⚠️ Time to BeReal. ⚠️

If you don’t know what it is, google it :mag_right:

If you’re not interested in getting it, that’s fine, you don’t need to post in the thread :end:

If you have BeReal or are interested in getting it, tell us yr username so we can all be friends and BeReal together :sparkling_heart:


soundtrack to this thread


I’ve considered it but my life is v boring atm

Would it be interesting to see my work slack?

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Finding ways to not breach GDPR during the working day is one of the joys of BeReal


I’m glad that the BBC posted this handy warning to not get fired

this reminds me a lot of Ello.

My kids are on it - I sometimes see them if they repost to insta

Not planning to get involved I’m afraid

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My niece has it but it seems like in her circle of friends there is no real blowback for ignoring the notification.

Sounds like a fun app for people who aren’t boring like me.

GDPR is the biggest pile of pointless bollocks ever invented. Anything which breaches it will do me. Might give this a go.


Think I’m gonna steal the first two lines of the OP and use them in all my threads


The number of posts shrinks by 90% within days

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this sounds fun tbh, i havent got it but maybe i will. it reminds me of when snapchat was blowing up, there was another thing that was a pink paper aeroplane, cant remember what that was called but you could send pics to anyone around the world i think. i like the idea that its a random time for everyone who uses it. yeah i think im into it

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although mine would be very boring, me wfh-ing, feeding the baby or whatever, lying on the settee. brilliant

I love how you get to see the boring bits of everyone’s lives with BeReal. I went to 6 football matches in a week: 0 of the BeReal notifications came up during matches but 4-5 of them were when I was travelling. You see when people are stuck in traffic or in bed or walking around. It’s great

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i do genuinely love boring social media updates tbf

I signed up to this when everyone from here used it for about three weeks, that was at least ten years ago and I still get emails from them sometimes

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Haven’t had any Ello emails since 2019. Looks like a blank/hidden/holding version of my profile exists but I’ve forgotten my password, and the site won’t send a reset email. :sleepy: