Time to remember how much we all used to enjoy The Ruby Suns

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Sea Lion was great, I remember how disappointing Fight Softly was :frowning:

Saw them once when I was on pills and excitedly shouted them to play this and the singer just said “Yeah its the next song we’re gonna play”. Kill me now.


This is bloody great too;

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Actually that run of Remember, Ole Rinka, Adventure Tour, Kenya Dig It is all top quality. Slow start to the album but very strong finish.

I saw them one time at End of the Road and they announced that they were going to play set of Prince covers and blasted straight into I Would Die 4 U.

No more Prince songs were played


Who now?

Great banter

Bought a ticket to see them + the Most Serene Republic but it was the Monday after an ATP and my “quick nap” turned into me sleeping through it :disappointed_relieved:

I actually really liked Fight Softly. I never understood the hate. It has some good songs on there.

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What a tune

Another great band

always liked this tune