Time to settle this once and for all

do you like any kind of melon?

Melons are disgusting too. Like cucumber, they simply taste of manky water.


my youngest niece (5) is a fiend for the green

I like that manky water taste in cucumber form, but not in melon form


I think this is proof that cucumber is a kind of melon

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my mum always gave me and my sister cucumber as a side with pizza, was very surprised to find out that nobody else does this

which isn’t to say I was a fan, it was just a fundamental part of my experience of pizza throughout my childhood

Have you seen kool aid pickles?

my immediate thought is the Michael Bluth mayonegg .gif file

My wife and I say this a lot, I also say this

Is there any way we can prevent new users from signing up just to vote in this poll? I’m concerned that it could get rigged Martha-style by Big Cucumber (aka Melon).


Wish to issue a correction/clarification, we actually say “cuke cuke” and it’s mostly to our kids

surprised no one already asked… how does this work?

Get a piece of bread, spread condensed milk on it, add a second piece of bread I’m guessing

I thought condensed milk was liquid, just a fraction thicker than normal milk and thus not spreadable

anyway, I assume I won’t be coming across condensed milk sandwiches any time soon regardless

Nah it’s thick, like caramel

I’ve never put it in a sandwich, but I have made desserts with it