Time travel - good things

Impressing people by pretending to come up with music that hasn’t been released yet
Getting rich by betting on sports events you know the outcome of

Making love to a dinosaur


if you had an ak with 10000 rounds of ammo you would basically be a god in roman times wouldn’t you

get to meet Ken Dodd

finding out how dinosaurs made love in general would be a fine thing

Being able to meet historical boyfriends

Your mum fancies you

No wait

I mean going to the waterpark with Napoleon


Get to find out exactly what really happened with Ronaldo and Brazil before the final of France '98


How? You reckon they’ll just let you waltz into the dressing room?

Doesn’t your time machine let you choose location as well?

So you reckon that if you just materialised in the corner of the Brazilian changing room half an hour before the World Cup final, nobody would bat an eyelid and would just carry on as if fundamental laws of physics hadn’t just been broken in front of their very eyes?

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imagine watching brontosauri mount one another, imagine a time when earth shaking sex was literal and not the stuff of tawdry paperbacks

claiming you have all these great new inventions but then failing to recreate them because you don’t know even the most fundamental basics of how anything in the world works

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maybe that’s what happened :exploding_head:


Junior Baiano would be scratching his head, no doubt.


Imagine trying to invent the internet from scratch, knowing what you know now


There is a great comic by Jonathan Hickman that is literally this concept

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Start with askjeeves and go from there.