Time wasting (mainly computer games)

What’s your go to waste of time? This was a bit of an eye opener.



kind of prefer watching people playing computer games on youtube now. reckon i’ve watch 50+ hours of silent hill let’s plays.

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think my high score is like a couple of million points, my hands get physically tired before anything else

Quite enjoy watching people blazing through old Doom/Quake levels actually.


Have you seen Man vs Snake? It’s a documentary about guys trying to get the high score on an old arcade game called Nibbler. In order to break a billion points you need to play for nearly 40 hours… it’s insane. And there are points where they’ve played for 30 straight hours then realise they don’t have enough lives left to actually break the record and they just have to walk away… brutal.

Rocket League. It’s utterly mindless - there’s no story, minimal complexity in basic controls, no variety in gameplay - but utterly perfect.

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Blimey! 1117 hours! I thought my 235 on Borderlands 2 was a lot!


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It’s a bit of time sink, to say the least. I may be able to ween myself off it now - finally downloaded Civ 5.

I’ve moved onto CIV VI. It is the ultimate in time-stealing I’m sure. I remember back in the early 90s (?) when the first Civ came out, my dad had a laptop (they were rare then) and me and my brother spent an entire night from dusk until dawn playing it. I’ve never learned. I also never play it on the hard levels.

Haha! I’d hate to know how much time I’ve wasted on Dungeon Keeper 1 replaying levels and downloading and playing fan-made shit.

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I was gutted when I upgraded my PC and Dungeon Keeper wouldn’t run on it. I’d barely got started, but I was hooked.

See also: Magic Carpet.

Will it not work through gog? That’s how I’m running it. https://www.gog.com/game/dungeon_keeper

have spent a lot of time this week watching either videos or streams from Polygon or a guy who plays Flight Simulator. both well worth it.

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Love that game! We should chat about it at Fenino. :smiley:

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Probably… it’s not a good idea is it…

Bear in mind the last time I tried was probably about twenty years ago, when such marvels didn’t exist.

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You know you want to… :smiley: It runs through dosBox so it should work. You get the deeper dungeons levels as well.

…and they have Magic Carpet too…

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