Time wasting (mainly computer games)

Haha, YES! I’ve been playing some truly horrible fan made levels which basically restrict a lot of things, meaning you have to use possession mode a lot and it looks horrible.

Just checking, a measly 184 hours on Civ 6 and 247 on Civ 5.


Cant imagone how much i spent on Vice City

reckon either FFXII or Ocarina of Time is probably my most played game in terms of hours

FFXII is another of mine. Over 200 hours on that, child’s play by comparison though.

definitely Championship Manager 01/02 for me. got like 50 seasons into it, god knows how many hours that translates into.

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Although I think CM0102 is probably just behind Civ 4. Had to actually destroy my copy of the game to stop playing that.


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Spent at least 300 hours across ps4 and pc versions of Overwatch. Spent more on league of legends but don’t know how long for certain.

I dread to think what my play time in championship manager 2 was

Wikipedia bingeing

This fun and interesting game

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Oh, and:

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Ah, my beloved minesweeper.


I really need to get out more.

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Have been getting really sucked into this puzzle game: Zachtronics | Opus Magnum

Nothing like spending an hour coming up with a solution only to then look at other people’s solutions that are 10 times more elegant than yours.

OK bought this on a whim. Let’s see how it goes.

I’ve got seriously hooked on Microsoft Solitaire Collection. To the point where I even enter the events, despite the fact that I know loads of the people are cheating blatantly.

Oh this is definitely up my alley…

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Yeah, 1117 is crazy deep.

I’ve played a lot of Civ IV, Civ V, CK2, etc. but I don’t think above 500 hours on any of them.

Played a game on CM 01/02 through uni as Dortmund, think it ran to about 38 days over a 3 year stretch, so just shy of 1000 hours. If i remember correctly the game had an irreparable error around the year 2040, dunno if it was my laptop of the game. Probably for the best!