Times a price genuinely surprised you

Inspired by @fappable and her loaf of bread.

When’s the last time you were genuinely surprised at the price of something?

Was in Homebase a couple of weeks ago, and this big fuck off gazebo thing was only £180. Bargain! That was after catching the bus into town, when a return was over £6. Madness!

Now you…

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Mate of mine recently mentioned he’d bought a Mont Blanc briefcase. Thought I’d have a look at what sort of bunse we’re talking for that sort of thing. Wish I hadn’t.

was just in a coffee shop and they had a 200g bag of beans going for £25

didn’t buy any

Almond flour £15 for 1kg maaaaate

Nuts are always so expensive too and I love me some nuts


Horizon: Zero Dawn went up for pre-order on Steam for £32 the other week and I was surprised at how reasonable that was given that it’s likely to be very popular and was a huge Sony exclusive. Didn’t bother pre-ordering because what’s the advantage?

They put the price up to £39 after a few days.

Saw a lightshade recently that was about £400. I think ours were £5 max.

In my electric toothbrush research the other night, I learned that the new top of the range Oral B smart toothbrush that’s coming out on August 1st is £500. For a toothbrush.



Every time I put my shopping through the checkout in Lidl.


Yeah man they’ve all got Bluetooth and WiFi and performance monitoring and MP3 players in them now

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was it new or an antique?

Earlier today someone on Twitter mentioned waiting for the price of Civ VI to drop on Xbox so I looked up how much it cost on Steam and it was $89.95 and I was genuinely surprised it was so much money.

It’s not even that much really but in my head Civ couldn’t ever cost that much.

Really looking forward to mine arriving

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The £6.99 cauliflower I mentioned on here a while ago. Six pounds and ninety nine pence

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Integrated kitchen bin units. Loads of them are like £250.

Fucking madness mates. It’s just a bit of plastic that pulls out.

£260 for a pair of corduroy trousers in Son of a Stag.

Those Canada Goose jackets. A grand for a jacket? FO,M.

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Why are these things so spenny?

Like £90 in my local bike shop. Is there a knock off option?