Times celebrities have really phoned it in


Inspired by @rich-t’s post in the other celeb thread about Ronan Keating.

What’s the most half-hearted effort you’ve seen a celebrity make? Ideally in person, although I’ll accept broader entries.

When I did my recent half-marathon, everyone was split into groups (fast, medium, slow etc) and set off in increments so the start wasn’t a total mess. Swimming goon Mark Foster was the celebrity there to start the race. He said the same shit joke to each set of runners as they came to the line, and spent most of his time stood on the podium by the start line opening looking at his phone. It was only 30 minutes work, Mark, ffs, at least pretend you’re happy to be there.


what was the shit joke?


“I’d love to be running with you, but my big old feet are much more suited to the pool than the road!”

I don’t know if knew if his remarks were being broadcast to every runner in the waiting area, or just didn’t care at all.


If you had a massive cock you wouldn’t care either


I was trying to find a Youtube clip of Oasis phoning it in on Top Of The Pops and found this instead. Made me chuckle, I’ll admit



i kind of wish i was in the very last group and had heard it 50 times before I actually ran. It’s the kind of void-based nihilism that really butters my toast.
@Ruffers can I feel totally appreciate this


90s heartthrob Paul Nicholls was on Live and Kicking once answering questions from children looking like he would rather be anywhere else and gave one-word answers to every question. Andi Peters made some bitchy comment about him being difficult. Great bants.


I really do but I’m a bit too upset about Reading to think about it at the moment!


This is great