Times people have opened bottles of wine without an opener. Techniques, anecdotes, that sort of thing



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I just have the sommelier do it, obviously.


Would you like confirmation from those of us with nothing to contribute or should we just keep schtum?


Never tried this, but: https://youtu.be/0A5uFFvjGr8


Hold the cork in one hand and the base of the bottle in the other. Turn the bottle, not the cork, slowly and gently.You want the cork to ease off with a soft “whoof”, not with a pop.


I once dropped one on the floor. That got the wine out a treat.


^this to the shoe.




How do you open a bottle of wine with a shoe?

(great thread Balonz, btw)


like this!


In 1942 I opened a bottle of wine with a shoe


I have smashed the neck open on a wall before. not my finest hour.


That is pretty great. Merci!


Doesn’t ALWAYS work, which can be frustrating. Or it takes ages. Depends on the cork, really hard to do with rubber corks.


tried to force the cork in with a wooden spoon. I held the bottle, pal had the spoon.
It was one of these fuckers

obviously it broke and pal cut his hand open and there was blood and wine everywhere and we had to go to A&E.


Oh! I learned to sabre champagne once, that was satisfying.


should have just screwed the lid off


the actual corked one is such a stupid wonky shape it makes me look even more of a clown than the image search gaffe


Threw it into a metal bucket then poured the contents through a sieve



omg. This sounds so wonderfully desperate (and something I would also totally do). I hope it was a fine sieve!? Would have been better to maybe put some muslin or something in the sieve for safety’s sake.