Times people have opened bottles of wine without an opener. Techniques, anecdotes, that sort of thing



oh yeah, cause we had loads of fucking muslin knocking about as stoned teenagers didn’t we Owen!? get a grip mate


Didn’t want to be too presumptuous mate. Maybe one of you was a beauty school student, I don’t fucking know!

(a tee shirt, paper coffee filter or something would have also worked fine)


yeah, it was a very bad idea looking back, might have been the same night we made a bong out of a plastic baseball bat, thinking about it


just pushed the cork through into the bottle


good thread.

push the Cork into the bottle with keys is the classic


A mate once tried smashing the neck on a park railing. Suffice to say it did not work.


Big fan of the cucumber technique for bottles of beer. Dunno if it works with wine.


Proper Job is a beer, mate. I’d rather a Big Job.


I know that dickhead.


Don’t pretend to know about my preferences.


You must’ve misread my initial post.


I’ve set my computer to aut0matically screen shot twice a second. The originals are being sent to sean as we speak cc the internet police.


Alright Pav Sharda from Sweet Gorilla.


fucking took 24 replies to get to the only reasonable answer^