Times when things happen and you think "Huh, how about that!"


On Monday I spent a portion of my day listening to a podcast about one of my very favourite games, Final Fantasy VII, I then listened to some of the soundtrack to that game which I love so much. Then, when I got in from work, ITV’s The Chase was on and, walking into my front room, the first question I heard Bradder’s ask was “The characters Cloud and Sephiroth are from which video game series?” the answer of course is Final Fantasy (and specifically Final Fantasy VII) and I thought “Huh, how about that!”

Now you go.


I definitely had one of these moments the other day, and it also related to a question that was on The Chase. I just can’t remember wtf it was now.

Still, “Huh, how about that!”

I think “Huh, how about that!” about the fact that your “Huh, how about that!” thing was also related to ITV’s The Chase.


Watched that episode of the West Wing where for some reason they’re banging on about how many moons Mars has, which came up as a question two days later in a pub quiz.

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They don’t have to be quiz related

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re-encountered an old acquaintance recently

This happens to me all the time, but then I’m a nutcase who once went to the doctor because I was getting such severe deja vu it made me feel like I was falling through time. Apparently that’s an anxiety symptom. Huh, how about that?


Person I work with lived in the adjacent halls to me at university and it made me think “huh, how about that?”, whilst he said “that’s fucking mad” when we spoke about it

My friend bumped into another one of my friends in Chiang Mai the other day, and neither was aware that they were there.

That made me think ‘huh, how about that!’

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On the train to pick up a hire car the penultimate song I listened to was Michelle by The Beatles.

Getting a cab from the station to the hire place, the driver started singing the introduction to Michelle by The Beatles.

I couldn’t help but think ‘Huh, how about that!’


And that cab driver’s name?

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This morning I listened to ‘Blue Velvet’ whilst brushing my teeth

Then I got to work and who was sat in my chair but Bobby Vinton

Huh, how about that!


Shouldn’t it have a question mark rather than an exclamation mark, as a rhetorical question?



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Deep in the distant past, I was in my room and had pressed play on the first Harvey Danger album. A few seconds in, I realised a beer would be quite nice, so I hit ‘pause’ and wandered to the kitchen/living room. My flatmate was settling down to watch Vertigo which I’d never seen before, so having obtained a beer I kicked back on the sofa to join her. After the film, I went back to my room, hit ‘play’ and discovered the song I’d paused is entirely about the film Vertigo.

So, that was kind of weird.


Did you think “Huh, how about that!”?

I did. Then I had another beer.

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You probably should edit your anecdote to include “Huh, how about that!” somewhere in that case, for the good of the thread and all that…

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