Times when you pretend to be less intelligent than you are

Does this ever happen to you? Have you ever done this? When and why?

Every day, on DiS.

Any time anyone has thought I am being unintelligent it’s because I’ve been pretending


Only when plebeians ask me questions about my trilby (nota bene not a Fedora) that they wouldn’t understand the answer to anyway.

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When I’ve done something wrong and don’t want to accept the blame.

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I’ve mentioned this countless times on this community forum, but I constantly downplay my knowledge of football in front of the bulk of my friends, who are either startlingly middle class or gay, or both - ie not only uninterested, but I presume holding a negative opinion of football fans, perhaps unfairly. Not intelligence as such, but it’s the best I can do.



I do it regularly in a work context. If I want information from a court or government department or a bank that I know they’re not obliged to give to me, I’ll pretend I’m not a professional but a lay person who hasn’t got a clue. It mostly works.

I also pretend to not notice queues so I can queue barge. Only get called out occasionally.

Is it an Audi or BMW that you drive?


I can’t drive. I only queue barge pedestrians.

I used to do this all the time as a kid and then it stuck and now I’m stupid

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