Times where you have been near dissers or bumped into them by accident (chance encounters, no polls)

Lived on the same street as @Severed799 for a bit but didn’t know

Probably bumped into @xylo a lot in 2012 but didn’t know who he was

Saw @aboynamedgoo in a local pub/venue a few times when I wasn’t on dis

Used to bump into @ttf on the train back from London a bit and seemingly every time I was in Guildford for a while. was getting to the point where I’d be dissapointed if I didn’t say hi to him.

used to get the same tube to @marckee quite a bit when I was off dis but was always the other end of the carriage and you’re not gonna start shouting over a packed carriage now are you.


oh FUCK this has reminded me i saw @TheBarbieMovie2023 about a month or so ago, maybe 6 weeks back, stood on london bridge station as my train went past her on the platform.

not even confirmed that with her, but it was 100% her (so i hope she says it was her). it was one evening. something like June 19th/20th maybe? idk.


fucktherave (or fuckthisband? Can never remember which one) saw me at Prague airport in 2009 but didn’t say hello :frowning:

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A few DiSers have been down here on holiday fairly close to me. Never met any of 'em though. @Brainfreeze was working on my estate a little while ago.
Think I was in Bath and hanging around the same places as a few people too many years ago.
I think, and this is a test of my ageing memory, that @Slicky was at the same Stewart Lee show in Bath as me back when I was on here as moonface. Also @Steved used to work over the road from my old pub iirc.
I remain unmet though, and long will it continue.


Bumped into @Twinkletoes in Schiphol airport train station. Didn’t even know he was in the country.


that’s wild!

Which pub?

I was also at the Flaming Lips gig where you were onstage.

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Flan O’Briens on Kingsmead Square. I remember it coming up a long time ago.

bumped into @guntrip at King’s Cross… admittedly it was the morning after we’d both been to a dis meat in London, but still, it’s something


even if a disser was wearing a big drowned in sound t shirt and their username pinned to their chest, I still wouldn’t approach them in a situation like this. what if it wasn’t them. how awful would that be.


I’m always bumping into the lot of you but I’ll never reveal

Still think about that on occasion - my ultimate ‘small world’ moment.

Also bumped into @ericVII in Victoria train station a few years back.


Told @meths off for cycling on the pavement when he whizzed past me.


i played someone from another forum I post on in a random match of Rocket League a few weeks back, blew my mind, there was 500,000 people online

I wasn’t 100% it was him when I saw him so I opened the daily thread and searched to see if he had posted anything in there about The Netherlands and there it was. At that point I was 100% certain, and TT is a good egg, so was no question in my mind that I’d go say hello.


Highlight of the day tbh. I was the most hungover I think I have ever been, and I was going to my mum’s to have an early Christmas dinner. Spent the whole train ride thinking I was dying, threw up after I got there, went to sleep, woke up in the evening and had to eat reheated food several hours after everyone else. 10/10.


Ohhh, yeah sort of near my old work, might have been but can’t remember. Saracen’s Head was our usual post-work pub.

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Have seen @roastthemonaspit twice during the fringe. Once on the royal mile and I walked right by him. Then another year I think on leith walk on the other side of the road.

Have bumped in @JaguarPirate twice, once in the pub and then on the street. Spotted him when I was on the bus once too.

Bumped into @Unlucky most recently on my hols :blush:


Made a bit of an ass of myself thinking I was introducing myself to @Severed799 at the Cloudwater bar when it was actually one of his coworkers. Drank up and left pretty quick after that.


Sorry to hear that.