Times where you have let yourself down BIG STYLE!

I was going to keep up to date with the most boring thread in the history of threads but I’ve let it get away from me and I’m going to have to let it go:


What a wanker…

hate accidentally clicking a thread and getting white numbers on it


just did it again

Keep forgetting I don’t need more sponges for dishes, so have been accumulating them faster than I can get through them.

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Been rocking these badboys recently


If you are in the market for something new?

I would be interested in something beautifully efficient I suppose

Thinking of putting that in my email signature


Never knew what those meant. I get the other one is new posts isn’t it?

Say you go into a 20 post thread…
You read 12 posts then close it. Come back later and there’s been 40 new posts (shown in blue) and 8 unread posts in white