Times you have accidentally injured someone in a freak accident.

Hello, I was just playing tennis and took a few steps back to return a ball. Unbeknownst to me, there was a colleague standing behind me who didn’t move out of the way as I went back, and so I ended up hitting him in the face on the follow through.

I feel extremely guilty and awful, despite it being a freak accident. He has a small wound above his eye. Did I say I feel guilty and awful? This is going to haunt me for a while.

Anyway, I realised this is probably a relatively common thing. In Year 11, David threw a cricket ball and it smashed into Lauren’s face, breaking all her teeth, and I wonder if that haunts him despite it being a sickeningly freak accident.

Hospitalised and permanently scarred the face of a girl in sixth form with a plastic plate. Cheers.



This^ but with a boomerang

How ?

We were launching a plastic plate across the classroom and then pegging it to the corner. I received the plate and then blindly launched it towards the corner that was about to be occupied not realising that Hannah was sitting at point-blank range. It smashed her in the philtrum and there was blood everywhere and she had to go to hospital. There is a permanent scar on her face now.

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Threw boomerang (poorly), went up in front of sun so friend couldn’t see it, smashed him in the top lip and he needed stitches

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Playing hockey in the school hall at PE and i really fucking swung for the ball, missed the ball and hit my friend in the face.

Hockey dropped from the PE schedule immediately, all thanks to me. Blood, lost tooth and a concussion. Cheers

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I love the Bad Tone origin story.

Very similar!!!

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I hit Jezza in the face with a hockey stick by swinging it like a golf club while he was standing behind me

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No thanks, I’ve just eaten

That happened to me with a golf club. As in I got hit in the face

My mate thinks I once knocked him unconscious by throwing a rock at his head, but what had actually happened is that he tried to throw a rock over his own head, missed, and hit himself in the face. We went for a sit down and he passed out for a bit then woke up with no memory of what had happened, so naturally assumed that I did it.

It’s understandable really, the true version seems pretty implausible.


accidentally broke my friend’s mum’s arm when we set up a tripwire at the entrance to our secret den in the woods


Kids are well cool eh

Doesn’t sound that accidental tbh tbf.



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the system worked :man_shrugging:

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