Times you have been told off as an adult

I got scolded for swearing really loudly at a penoid tournament recently. “There’s no swearing in the store mate!” Erm, ok, it doesn’t say that anywhere but there are some kids around I guess so I’ll do my best.

Obviously accidentally swore 7 or 8 times a minute for the rest of the tournament.

games workshoP?
always pictured your tournaments taking place in massive rooms like this

Most of them are held in games shops and have maybe 30 people at most. The bigger events look like that.

Should have posted this in the train racist thread but…

Was on a train from Portsmouth to London, carriage wasn’t full but quite a few people in it. Put my feet on the seat in front. Guard asked me to take them off, politely to be fair. I moaned and said the seats are filthy mate what difference does it make ? about two minutes later he announced the next stop over the loud speaker system and added in “and please remember, don’t put your feet on the seats”

few people laughed and one old woman said that told you mate didn’t it. Told off twice. Was my own fault. was in a bad mood…


the scales have fallen from my eyes



Do the real badboys cut the bottom explanation off and play from memory? Apologies if you are not a badboy.

No, but the Star Wars game I play does some promo cards in the Star Wars language, which is spectacularly unhelpful.

I pointed at a detail on a painting in a museum and my finger got a little too close to it, causing the security guard to SHRIEK in horror as deafening alarms went off around me. Another three security guards ran into the room and the original guard properly scolded me.

Never felt so much shame in my life, left the building as quickly as possible.


I used to be an engineer and I got screamed at by my 2nd level manager in front of a room of 40 people on account of being unable to rewrite the laws of physics. I also got screamed at by my first level manager for refusing to browbeat a technical expert with 30 years of experience into reversing his technical opinion.

I got told off for filming something with a GoPro when I wasn’t allowed to film something with a GoPro

Did the no go GoPro mo go in slow Mo?


How was your first day working at the swimming pool anyway?

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On a ferry in Canada we asked an otherwise very pleasant steward named Kevin where the bar was. He looked scandalised and loudly told us it was illegal to serve alcohol on any Canadian ferries and glared at us like we’d just asked where the ship’s cockfighting ring was or something.


Was in a car outside a shop with my mate once, waiting on someone. It was a summer’s day and the windows were open. An old woman came up to my passenger window and said, quite venomously, “if you like it that much you should fuck off and live there”, which baffled us.

Turned out the car across the street was blaring out Irish music and she thought it was us, the daft old racist.


We had a few of our ATP chalet parties shut down by Butlins’ security.

Pontins were fine with the music, lasers and smoke machine though.

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I suppose that’s not so much getting told off though, more inaccurately abused.

Was given a dressing down in a team meeting by my manager. This was about 20 yrs ago. I was right. And he was a cunt

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Oohh yeah I was at Meat Liquor or something with my GF and we were trying to decide what to have, the table opposite us had their food arrive and I kept eyeing it up to help me choose. The man said “if you’re gonna keep FUCKING staring at my girlfriend get some sunglasses or we can take this outside.”

Was genuinely staring at her burger :frowning:


By the rozzers because I cycled through a red traffic light. Deservedly so.