Times you have been told off as an adult

no the gopro do go slow mo, no pro when you gopro


Got told off by a security guard in the John Soane’s museum last month for looking at my phone. Really raised his voice which seemed a bit counter productive.

Does road rage count?

Got a proper telling off in a meeting of about 12 senior people at my previous job for calling a decision our Exec Director had made “total bollocks”.

I stand by that comment, it was bollocks.


multiple self righteous walkers whilst mountain biking - either due to some light trespassing, or failure to ring a bell to announce our presence (red sock walkers are obsessed with bikes being equipped with bells)

once for absent mindedly having my phone out on a garage forecourt (over the tannoy) - I’m assuming the person in question never watched that episode of myth busters

my mate got told off by a barmaid half his age for attempting (he swears he hadn;t started yet) to wee in a beer garden the other week, He totally deserved it

was visiting a friend and we were going to a little DJ night in a small venue. friend suggested bringing our own drink, was a bit unsure but went along with it and brought a couple of cans. bought my first drink there i think and then tucked into the cans, nervously hiding them under the table between sips. by the time i was on my fourth and final can i’d gotten cocky and left it on the table, barwoman came in to collect some glasses, spotted the can and had a go at me, pretty fairly. felt like a bit of a scumbag.

Was at an exhibition in Dublin earlier this year and started to tidy up some blueprints that had been left on a pallet. Immediately got told off by the invigilator. Ignored them and kept pottering around the exhibition, occasionally going back to sigh at the STATE of the exhibit I had tidied up.

Got shouted at, in a really over the top manner, by a security guard at the Louvre for putting my daughter on my shoulders so that she could see the Mona Lisa over the crowds.

It’s a shit painting anyway…


Loudly told off for taking a photo of the Christmas tree in the Met museum in New York. To be fair, there was a bloody great sign saying “No photos” next to it that I’d managed to miss, but still, annoyed me because you can take photos everywhere else.

Was Titus Bramble there, too?

I was sort of told off but in the most polite by a security guard when I went to visit the TV, I’d just walked in and they hadn’t seen me before so they thought I was some random stranger (it’s a secure building). They then profusely apologized which, I guess was fair enough but I wasn’t really bothered like.

On a similar note, “no photo” in the Sacred Coeur and Sistine Chapel, as I proceeded to, and the continued, taking loads of photos


working for my dad I get told off from time to time. Actually it had been ages till a few weeks ago and fucking hell did he go through me! :grimacing::grinning:

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Got told to take my hat off in Toledo cathedral by a disgusted guard

It was fucking hot m9

Sounds like the first line of a song


got told off, along with a few other people who sit in my area at work, for swearing too much - apparently someone had complained about it to our manager. pretty sure I know who it was, and if so they’ve sat in our office like twice and haven’t been here since complaining, so they can definitely fuck off.

My heavily pregnant, art teacher TV got told off by one of the senior leadership team for wearing Nike trainers. When she pointed out that she couldn’t get any smart shoes on because she has lots more fluid and blood in her body than she normally would and that this causes swelling, and that she was 37 weeks pregnant and needed to be comfortable at work, he backed down.

She normally wears DMs or something, but yeah, weird behaviour

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I used to work for an oil & gas company, and those kind of firms have a really strict health & safety culture (all accidents being reported as one total number, so someone scalding themselves on a hot cup of coffee can’t be differentiated from someone being blown up on an oil rig, and the goal was ‘0 incidents’).

Not only did we have to hold the bannister, always put a cup on our coffee, not walk while using our phones etc, but we all received “intervention training”, basically training in telling off fellow colleagues for breaking these rules. As you’d imagine, some people took rather more enthusiastically to “intervening” than others and I was told off multiple times by people for e.g. not holding the handrail while walking up the stairs.

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Sorry for being thick but I’m assuming you mean school security not actual rozzers? Otherwise there are some new laws out there I don’t know about!