Times you've been a bit naughty lately


Just put a dollop of ice cream in my smoothie :blush: what have you done?

Polite reminder that it is not yet thursday.


I’ve sneakily booked in a fake meeting this afternoon so I can go home and do some coursework :monkey_hands_over_mouth: :cat_with_heart_eyes:


I found a Wispa Gold in my stick bag last night and really went for it.


Had five or six stroopwafels after dinner yesterday, because they were there.


Woah…what’s a stick bag?


That mad milk my bf bought. Every cup of tea tastes like I’m drinking pure cream.


Shoved three mini Reeces cups into my mouth when arriving at work this morning because they were in a bowl in the kitchen. Not sure why there were there but enough that three probably wouldn’t be missed.


It’s a bag with drumsticks in it.


cream is very naughty!


weve got clotted cream in the fridge, Eric. How would you feel if I put that in my… coffee?


i think that would go beyond a bit naughty if i’m being perfectly honest with you


I’ve started getting gold top milk in for a really indulgent bowl of cereal :shushing_face:




And Wispa Golds apparently :open_mouth:


Yeah it sounds bogging. Don’t worry, I would never do such a thing.




One hell of a find.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Creme Egg are 3 for £1 at Tesco. Had three in one sitting. They are wonderful


Why have I not seen these?? I don’t believe they exist.


those sound very naughty