Times you've been giddy

as an adult. Kids are giddy all the time.

It’s the 8th anniversary of Brazil 1-7 Germany today, I achieved a state of giddyness from the 3rd goal going in until the final whistle.

I also achieved a state of giddyness when Spurs lost their heads against Chelsea during the 2015/16 season.

The only non-football giddyness I can remember is when Boris Johnson ‘went into intensive care’ with ‘covid’.

Oh also when Teresa May resigned. Too jaded to get giddy over Boris resigning.

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sometimes when I stand up too fast on a hot day


I was a bit giddy with all of the Tory MP resignations this week.

Tbh I get giddy (read: overexcited) about things regularly.


When Auds told the Platts who her estate is going to (Corra on Wednesday)

When Jill Zarin turned up on Scary Island after Kelly’s weird meltdown.

Top 100 Britons
HGWIR: Friends


You’re welcome

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When i saw bts, especially for the soundcheck, i couldn’t believe it was actually happening :sob: i was so happy :sob: also just before a scary rollercoaster ride and just after, and when i went in the sea last summer for the first time in 13 years!! (like properly get in and swim not just getting my legs in). Also when i went to liquid leisure which is maybe one of the most fun things ever, i loved it so much. It’s a lovely feeling!!


I get giddy at gigs a lot

Got well giddy at Glastonbury lots of times

Get giddy at the airport, once I’m past security to when the plane lands at the other airport I’m a nightmare for giddyness. Regardless of how stressful the leadup has been.

Been having a lot of laughing fits lately as well, just over meaningless stuff like memes.


WARTS (the Wetherfield Association of Retail Traders)

Yeah deffo get giddy going on holiday

Ffs Auds

I’m pretty giddy always to be honest. I feel like I am right now because it’s Friday. Was VERY for going to see scream 5 though.

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Don’t tell anyone Merty but it was all a ruse, she is giving it to the fam really! but she wanted to see how they react and she’s making them sweat/grovel first

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I was until the people sat in our seats and had what looked to be a three course meal

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this sounds like great stuff, might get back into Corra once Neighbs is over

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Was doing a loud James Skelly impression to my gf while getting the bus into town this morning, felt quite giddy then

When I was in the cinema watching Mission Impossible: Fallout and Ethan Hunt is driving the motorbike against the traffic in Paris

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