Times you've been sent the wrong thing

It looks like a migraine.

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Tbf this was in addition to what I actually ordered so can’t complain.

yeah but some of the triangles are facing the wrong way on the first one!

:flushed: Quakers is back… In rug form!!!

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I loved the rug when you posted it last night, and love it even more now I’ve seen what it was actually meant to look like. What a spectacle!

Mate. I honestly absolutely love this 2nd rug so much.

Got a £50 Next voucher last month but I tracked down the people it was destined for.

I used to work with someone who sent his noods to his goddaughter by accident.

Not me, but a customer. I used to work in a retailer’s customer service department and we had this lovely old lady who was always ringing up for help with her orders. She needed so much support and was so nice that she was treated as a bit of a VIP and given the direct phone numbers of her preferred helpers.

One day she called us as her order had been delivered and the feminine ‘intimate care’ wipes she ordered were out of stock - so they’d sent her Flash wipes.


It’s a bit k hole-y

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More like Gas-[abandon reply]


Got sent the wrong colour Romanov egg. Phoned up and said I could keep it and they’d send the right colour. Odd