Times you've gone to football stadia for non-football reasons

Folllowing from @profk 's chat in the vaccines thread. Non-football stadium chat permitted

Did an English exam (3 hours) at the conference centre in Hillsborough
Went on a driver improvement course* at the New York Stadium in Rotherham

*- Got nicked for pulling into the exit of Waitrose car park right in front of a rozzer cause I didn’t see the sign. Everyone else in there was done for speeding or drink driving. Felt a right, right twat

Didn’t go onto the pitch at either of them

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saw Iron Maiden on a rugby field

Opera singer, Pilot, Fly Half. Plus metal frontman


Went to a sticker swap shop at Highfield Road.

Saw the Chili Peppers at Pride Park, and Muse at Wembley.

Went to my ex’s graduation at the Stadium of Light.

Work Christmas party at the Pirelli Stadium?

Saw Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence at Bramall Lane.

Fights kicking off everywhere in the crowd. Toilets absolutely reeked of bugle. Complete carnage. Town was an absolute state afterwards too

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Went to some work quiz thing at the Rec in Bath. I think we won but weren’t supposed to because pretty much every other team was a client.

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Did some patent twat professional exams in one of the Bristol football club stadiums (did another set in Edgbaston)

Went to a big Star Wars penoid card game event in the MK Dons stadium

Did a photo shoot with the Orchestra my other half played in at the Amex back in 2012. The pitch was covered in these weird heater / light things to keep it pristine (and pump out loads of light pollution across the south downs)

Saw Bruce Springsteen at Wembley.
Saw the final night of the athletics World Championships at the Olympic stadium.
Went to @aboynamedgoo’s birthday celebrations at Champion Hill. A kickabout was involved earlier in the day, but I’m not sure that it qualified as ‘football’.

I’ve been on a few stadium tours of various places, but I doubt that counts.

I’ve been to quite a few external CPDs that have been hosted in suites at cricket grounds, but none in a football ground yet.

  • Wembley for gigs (various)
  • Olympics at what is now West Ham’s stadium (2012 x2)
  • There was a kids training thing at the Priština City Stadium and I went in alll nosy to see what the Kosovar national stadium looked like from the inside. It looked like a National League level stadium. (2014)
  • Countdown tournament at Molineux, won it :trophy: (2019)

Think that’s it

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Bruce Springsteen at the Stadium of Light.
Finished the Sunderland 10k in the Stadium of Light.
Rugby World Cup matches (NZ vs Tonga, Scotland vs Samoa) at St James Park
Rugby World Cup match at London stadium
Oasis live at Wembley.
Used to go and watch Saracens when they played at Vicarage Road.

Oh and tours of the Stadio Olimpico in Rome and Estadio Alejandro Morera Sota in Costa Rica but those count as football reasons don’t they?

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Did a bit of bar work on match days at the emirates stadium. Awful, but at least it was quiet.

honestly assumed they’d be doing the vaccines on the pitches because of the open space/air circulation etc.

the fact that this isn’t the case has been a huge government blunder.

Worked serving food in the corporate bit at Colchester. Served Delia Smith a sad looking chicken fillet when Norwich were the away team.

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and setting up a penalty for each person on the way out. If you miss, no 2nd vaccine.

uni football social at Champion Hill, but i’ve played on that pitch so doesn’t count.

beat the keeper challenge upon receipt of vaccine. keeper is dressed as a virus.


Oh, d’oh

  • Beer and cider festival and quiz night (separately) at the Longmead Stadium. (2019) also for Owners Emergency Meeting last year but that’s football related

Group of pals got free tickets and a free bar at a Robbie Williams gig at Wemberly.

He zip lined onto the stage with his arms in the shape of the crucifix and then drove around in a small car that was in the shape of his own head.