Times you've gone too far in pursuit of a hobby (shame thread)


I once pulled a sickie for the release of a World of Warcraft expansion (it was Wrath of The Lich King, for those that means anything to). Not only was this incredibly nerdy, it’s also a bit stupid because the servers crash over and over on launch days for this kind of thing so it’s pretty pointless anyway.

Share your shame. There’s no* judgement here.

*loads of, everybody pile on/bundle


Spending thousands of pounds on guitar equipment over the years.

Pulling sickies when new games come out.


I think I took a week off for the Wrath launch. Good times!


So it was you gumming up the login servers that week!

shakes fist


I’m choosing not to think about how much money has gone into this stuff. Yesterday I bought another pedal to make my new (expensive) pedal useable, and didn’t even flinch at the absurdity of that.


The amount of cash I spent on Warhammer 40K over the years. What was a I thinking?

Clearly, Fantasy/Age of Sigmar is better. What a buffoon.


Cutting short a paid-for holiday and paying for an additional flight in order to watch Utd Liverpool.


Easily winning so far.


Now I’ve got The Itch™ :scream:

Yesterday I used up all my vodafone rewards points in order to buy a Carcassonne expansion from Amazon. Was kinda saving those to get me some free sky sports news on the move. Ah well!


I had a faint Itch™ the other day, then remembered how much I hate levelling/single player content and it passed.

Close one, though.


Ha, that’s the bit I miss the most, just pottering about on my own (play a rogue), and pet battles reeeeally sucked me in. Found it a nice little completionist task to get on with, always something to catch/beat/work towards in between the raid/prof grind. Can’t play it on my POS though, so useless me even getting Legion.

I did pick up the big lore compendium recently though, I’ll always love the story of that universe. ~sigh~

I did reactive my account on a super penoid online text space game this week though, heh. Miss some escapism in between the tedium of work and the endless cycling I suppose.

That said soon as I upgrade my PC… ORCS, DEMONS, ELVES. BRING IT.


Really loving age of sigmar. Went ot the Facehammer tournament recently. Every one I played was a podcaster :persevere:

I quit a fairly well paid job to go to a Lord of the Rings tournament that they’d refused to let me book days off for. @Scout noticed this on the internet and was very encouraging :heart_eyes:


Worst thing is he’s talking about watching it on sky!


:smiley: excellent. How did you do?

I haven’t gamed since…July (and even then we played Mordheim) - not done any painting for ages, feel a bit bad to be honest.


Yeah alright. Lost the first two (silly mistakes after getting lucky tbf). Drew then won the last two. Took a Blight Kings heavy army - they’re absolutely insane.

It does seem to happen that way. I’ve got 3 mates at work who come round every Saturday to play so I get loads of games in. Started going down Derby Wargames Society too every week.


Last night i went outside with my brother around 11pm to try and catch a magnemite that showed up as nearby on pokemon go. Hurried round the block of houses in pj’s looking like shifty twats and we couldn’t even find it :sob: also I keep buying 1k coins every month in game I might as well set up a direct debit


Yeah, levelling and pottering about in the world is the bit I miss most too. I got properly addicted to pet battling, but that farming, cooking and fishing nonsense did nothing for me. Made a fortune making and selling gems, I wonder if that virtual money is still there - probably worth a lot less now.

Loved my time during Wrath… it was a great 5-man progression then (I found raids too long and a bit boring).


Cool! I’ve still got my Undead, going ghoul-heavy, running 2 Varghulfs, terrorgeist, crypt horrors.

That’s good - we’re supposed to meet once a month, but it’s just been busy (2 of the group have kids) and we’re all a bit spaced out at the mo, location wise.


They really should’ve create a way of playing it remotely by now :frowning: