Times you've picked (or been forced to pick) the inferior choice

and successfully convinced yourself that it is the best (for a period at least).

FOR EXAMPLE I was given Go-bots as a kid (not allowed to watch ITV). I convinced myself (and attempted to convince my friends) that they were much better than Transformers. I now know I was very, very wrong.

What about you?

Still pretending that Pepsi (or one of the myriad disgusting sugar-free coke choices) is better than Coca Cola?

Was mercilessly bullied for my (forced) picks of Hi-Tech trainers instead of Adidas/Reebok etc and Clarks own brand ahead of Kickers shoes during my youth.

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Could be worse: I remember my mate Steve trying to convince someone that the ‘Nicks’ trainers he got from Whittlesey market was actually a boutique spin-out from Nike.

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Like to pretend that supporting a shit football team means you enjoy the victories more and don’t take the defeats as badly. Obviously it makes me less whiny and entitled, and a better person than those who support successful clubs, but it’s definitely not as enjoyable

Leytonstone is definitely a nicer place to live than, say, Primrose Hill.

I support Hoogy Wanderers second XI

I live south of the river rather than north of the river (forced to pick)

got a Grifter for xmas the same year literally everyone else in the world got a Raleigh BMX (this was early 80s)

I asked for a BMX - but my mum let the bloke in the bike shop convince her to get a Grifter - she thought the saddles on BMXs looked uncomfortable

Still hurts, still hurts

Leeds Festival 2005, I made a deal with a friend: He’d watch Four Tet with me if I’d watch Kasabian with him. I agreed, even though watching Kasabian would mean missing the Pixies.

He didn’t hold up his part of the deal, but I held up mine.

While Kasabian were pretty good on that initial album’s tour, they were not in the slightest bit good at Leeds. And it meant missing the Pixies. And I still had to watch Four Tet alone.

He’s done you there

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Vic-20 when I really wanted a C64!

I was there for that. The Pixies were brilliant that night.

Shut it, Alanis