Times you've seen someone you know in a really unlikely place

Great thread. e.g. you’re in a different country and see someone you know down a side alley

Once bumped into the guy who recorded some demos for my old band (who I really liked, so it was a pleasant bumping-into) on the platform at Kings Lynn station. Given that I lived in Cardiff and he lived in Nottingham it was a bit of a weird one.

Once discovered my boss and my colleague in lesbian clinch in Starbucks. Might’ve mentioned it before


Greco Roman iirc


Saw a family friend dragging a heavy suitcase through an airport in Spain. It burst open and like 2 full on legs of cured meat fell out.

Actually, in the early 90s we always seemed go see family friends abroad including @colon_closed_bracket favourite Chilly Ron Carne


Saw a guy I went to uni with in Hong Kong. Was excited to see him and had a drink together. Then remembered I didn’t really like him. Was slightly awkward.


On honeymoon in NYC and bumped into my friend and his girlfriend after we’d been drinking all day. Got a bit excited, stayed out for a few more drinks, and my wife puked all over his girlfriends shoes.


He really is a CCB favourite

remember being down my local for 10-12 pints with my m9 and bumping into @aboynamedgoo who was there for a gig.

dunno why, but it really threw me. probs cus I hadn’t seen him in about 8 years.


I saw my slightly estranged friend (and best man at my wedding) at a steam railway in the summer. Not that remarkable, except for the fact his train pulled up right opposite ours, so we could wind down the window and have an awkward three minute conversation.


when i was at uni, i kept seeing someone who was a friend of a friend at school who i met a few times. didn’t know her well enough to speak to her and hadn’t seen her for a few years. that’s not that weird, i mean we were both uni age and it’s not surprising that there should be someone i know at the same uni as me.

then around the same time i saw her at heathrow airport once - that was a bit more weird.

then i spent a few months working in a different office last year/earlier this year and found that one of the people on my floor either is her or looks a lot like her and has (if i’ve remembered her name right) the same first name.

can’t confirm for sure it was her as asking someone if you know them from youth club is a bit weird when you’re in your mid-30s.

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Moved out to Australia a few years ago (now back in the UK) - on the flight out I was sat next to a friend I hadn’t seen since Uni, who was moving to Singapore. The odds against must be staggering.

Bumped into @Twinkletoes in Schiphol a few weeks back


Met a couple I’d last seen in a hostel in Bolivia who had just moved from Canada to Ireland when I met them at my local parkrun in Edinburgh recently

Bumped into @dots in Warsaw once

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Saw John Cooper Clarke trying to haggle down the price of a second hand Dyson in a cash converters


When we lived in Hong Kong, it turned out my dad and my sister’s Maths teacher in her secondary school there were in the same year at uni at QMU, both studying Maths (duh). Then he died a year later. It was a weird one.

I’m in a WhatsApp dog group and someone from another city who I don’t know spotted a dog that I know and then I went to a gig and they were there too.


I had a friend called Laura who I used to play music and get drunk with back when I was about 16. We drifted apart a bit by the time we were about 18 and I never saw her again.

12 of so years later me and a few mates make a trip down to Hastings to see our mate’s band play. Get to the gig, see Laura there and freak out at the coincidence she’s there and it turns out she’s married to the guitarist. I had known him for a couple of years by this point but by chance had never met his wife and he was always saying “you’d get on great, she plays guitar too” etc. Bit of a headfuck for all 3 of us but in a good way.


this one time i’d worked in a call centre for at least at least two possibly three years and then it turned out that some guy from the internet called @pip worked in the other office round the corner

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