Have you done your timesheet for last week?

  • Yes
  • No
  • My what?

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God I hated timesheets.


Used to do an awful lot of “Client work: non-chargeable” in mine.


I remember when I had to check through and work out hours for all the agency worker timesheets, lots of people would forget to fill in stuff

we including time spent on dis here or?

“Sundry local training” was a favourite of mine.

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What are you rounding to

  • Day
  • Half day
  • Hour
  • Half hour
  • 15 minutes
  • Neeeeeeerd

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Timesheets were only good for that wonderful feeling when you handed yours in on a Friday. Waltz out of the office, Fred Flinstoning down the tail of a dinosaur ready for the weekend.

Was 6 minute blocks when I was an auditor.


Yeah was 6 minutes at my old work. Never posted anything less than a half hour though

We’re expected to be very precise with our timekeeping and have to use the timer. It’s a pain in the balls

What like an egg timer? Like you’re an egg? Is that what you are to these people? An egg?

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Partially. It’s purely for my own monitoring purposes so I can keep tabs on how much overtime I’m doing.

They’re all frying my head atm, so probably

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Was going to post something here but honestly got bored writing it. Fuck timesheets.


I’ve gotten into a habit of trying to do it daily and making sure it’s finalised by the end of the week, makes life far less stressful. Haven’t done lasts weeks of course. We’re supposed to detail to five minute level but I round to 15-30 minutes and put most things under ‘site management’

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Most of my classes are 2.75H so my timesheets are multiples of 2.75.

I’ve got some expenses to do. Haven’t done them, obviously.