Anyone ever had a crack at this motherfucker?

My memory was jogged in the film thread and I’ve become (re-)obsessed about making it. If you’ve seen the film, you would be obsessed too.

I was going to do it this weekend but it’s going to take most of the day so I’ve delayed.

Sorry, no, I’ve got too much self-respect to eat that.

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fuck you talking about? this is TRADITIONAL ITALIAN COOKING.

Looks like something you’d get given a free t-shirt for finishing.

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Can someone other than Epimer comment please?

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Fucking bullshit

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It’s a timpaNO from me


This is the worst forum in the history of mankind

motherfucker I don’t have a New York Times account wth wtf


I wonder what drownedintimpano would have to say about that

nor me.

probably would not make all the pasta by hand like

Coat the interior of a Dutch oven

Mate, it’s right up your street

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Shit food for shit cunts





absolutely refuse to believe an italian invented this

100% some american shite

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Surely it’s your people, the home of the macaroni pie.

timpano means eardrum in spanish.