Tin Openers

Yep, the most exciting thread ever has arrived. My tin opener has begun to seem broken. What do you lot use?

One of my absolute favourite kitchen utensils:

Doesn’t cut the tin - rather, it breaks the seal between the lid and the can so you have no sharp edges, plus you can put the lid back on if you don’t finish your can. Basically sorcery…

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I simply REFUSE to buy any tin that doesn’t have a ring pull. Human beings have evolved beyond the need for tin openers.




Despite being together over twelve years, we still have two tin openers in our kitchen drawer because I don’t like my other half’s existing one, and she doesn’t like mine


I like the very basic all metal ones because you know they’re more or less indestructible

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we do this. and peelers too :expressionless:


I have this one

Hate it but so rarely used it’s not worth replacing

Yes! We also have two peelers

OXO Good Grips, like a lot of my other utensils. Also this one is good for left handed people (like me)

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Really struggled with tin openers over the last few years.

Never had any bother opening tins even with a cheap, shit opener but then all of a sudden it’s an absolute pain regardless of the opener used.

It’s like they’ve changed tins slightly and openers no longer work properly on them.

As a one handed person for years I’ve searched for a suitable tin opener that can be operated one handed without being some ridiculous battery operated gadget and a few years ago I found a ratchet one on Amazon, absolute game changer mates!

Unfortunately the return spring has recently bust making it far harder to use and they are now ÂŁ27 which seems extortionate quite frankly.


Probably going to put this on my big list of things to replace existing things with, because that sounds amazing (apparently they’re really good if you have mobility issues with your hands and wrists too, which is a major selling point)

This bad boy. It’s a godsend. Also, fun to watch.

Quick quiz - which ones mine, which belongs to my other half:

  • Yours is on the left
  • It’s the one on the right
  • I don’t care, I just like polls

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Culinaire Lift-Off Can Opener C10007 only ÂŁ7.00 (lawsonshop.co.uk)

absolute don of a can opener. wouldn’t use anything else.

That’s actually my tin opener on the left I think you’ll find Rob.

Cost about ÂŁ2 at most and does the job on the rare occasion I have to use it.


Think you’ve mentioned this before but I still can’t really grasp what I’m reading. I don’t get how it can’t have sharp edges.

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Congratulations to @zanimos and @silentcommand . Mine is indeed on the right