Tinder Stories

Tell us your best/worst/most absurd Tinder stories please.

All mine are really dull, either didn’t gel at all or just ended with a bittersweet sort of flickering out with mutual understanding after like a week together max.
Sorry there have been no lulz.
Also was so superficial it made me properly anxious, glad I’m rid.

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I’ve never met anyone off Tinder, hence why I haven’t shared anything. Have just downloaded it again now (last night) so we’ll see.

But last time I tried, back when it was fairly new, I had it for about two weeks and then couldn’t stand it anymore. The one guy I was talking to the most turned out to be a supporter of basically our version of ukip and then I was just like, if this is the best you can do Tinder, then you can fuck right off.

Swore never to bother with it again but I haven’t been getting much action this year so figured I’d give it one more go.

keep seeing people on twitter talking about proper horror stories. GL WR <3

Ironically tinder is full of people relating their horror stories of twitter


Norway’s version of ukip? What have they even got left to leave? The northern hemisphere???

Think there’s 200 Fins living near the North pole somewhere that they want rid of

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I mean in terms of immigration etc

I’m just teasing. Anyway might sound weird but I reckon going out with a couple of pals and at places you already like / might be likely to have other people that share your interests, then just chatting to folks is far superior to tinder, okcupid etc. I mean I understand I’ve got male privilege here in terms of not really being afraid to talk to strangers etc but it seems so many of the folks on the internet turn out to be absolute creeps as well (even if they seem nice at first) it balances out. Sad state of affairs all round really.

I have no stories because I’ve not spoken to anyone who was in any way interesting, let alone met up with them. Actually these days I just left-swipe everyone because it’s really satisfying and cathartic.

I did, however, get super-liked by this guy…


Call me harsh but a grown man who uses that many smiley faces needs isolated imprisonment, not a date.


Not really got any stories myself. Tried it a bit because it was new and everyone was talking about it, and just found myself going out for drinks with douchey men who seemed ok initially but then started making sly little remarks about how I wasn’t pretty enough/thin enough/too thin/not booby enough/why wasn’t I a model etc etc, and then seemed confused that I wasn’t keen on them. So I didn’t bother any more. It just didn’t seem fun, but I probably had bad luck. Probably being in London made it worse.

Actually thinking about it, there was one man I was supposed to go out for a drink with who was handsome, but then I saw him walking down the street a day before and he gave me such a weird feeling of Creep! Avoid! that I cancelled. It was weird, it was almost like a smell or something. I felt vaguely bad that I was being shallow or jumping to hasty conclusions, but then a while later he turned up on a friend’s facebook being a total creep, so I was probably right.

For nice stories, my friend tried Tinder when it first came out, and was showing it to her other friend, who said “I know that’s guy’s family. They’re really nice, just go out with him.” So she did, and didn’t have to bother with Tinder.

Sadly, this was back in February. Wonder how many babes he’s scored since I left-swiped him immediately (…after I’d printscreened his profile).

Met my girlfriend off of it back in January. We now get to hang out, go to gigs and have sex and that, therefore Tinder gets a thumbs up off me.

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This is wonderful. Guys a fucking catch you sour bastard!

Is this a thing? Like :+1: I’d assume that there were some helmets who behave like :+1: this but consecutive ones? Rotten stuff men

I think it’s just there is a higher concentration of douches in London, and a bit of a trading up mentality.

I come from London, but I don’t really understand the motivation? Is it a treat em mean thing (code for attempt to destroy their self esteem in order to control them)

Pretty much I think.

Also, perhaps a factor is that a large chunk of them worked in the graphics/printing industry like I do, and I think maybe initially they thought “oh cool, she understands what I do”, but then got pissy and threatened when they realised that I was at the same level as them, and probably was not gonna be wowed by the fact they know how to use InDesign. It’s still a ridiculously male-dominated industry, and there’s lots of silly boys who base their fragile ego on the fact that they are a DESIGNER who does IMPORTANT DESIGNY THINGS YOU COULDN’T POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND.

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i’ve only ever gone on one tinder date but it was an absolute tinder classic in which he was vastly less attractive than his photos. beware of anyone who is too good at selfies

always had good experiences with okc though, and also you can easily filter out the racists etc