Tinder Stories

No drama. Slept with three girls in a two year career on there. Relationships with them for 15 months of that time.

If you ain’t about approaching strangers, builds you a platform with which to be with someone you otherwise wouldn’t have been. Main drawback is not knowing that person’s intentions/other interests.



earlier this evening i got “super-liked” by a friend who is getting married in a few weeks. still not sure what that’s all about

Probably did it by accident tbf. I heard it’s really easy to do that.

OR he wants to f you in the p on his last night of freedom. And who are we to judge.

Just a few slips of the thumb away to happening to anyone, cut him some slack.

pretend that you didnt see em on there and hit on them IRL next time you see them

Not on Tinder (book etc) but I was recommended this app Bumble and I’ve been trying to get my head round it for the last couple of weeks.

It sounds like its basically the same as Tinder but if you get a match, its up to the girl to start the conversation within 24 hours. If a conversation isn’t started then the match is lost.

I’ve had the odd match and chatted with a few but I’m already starting to find the process tiresome and a bit surreal.

I’ve swiped left when I’ve come across anyone that I already know. I still live in the same town I grew up in so its usually people I haven’t spoke to in years or people from school who I’d rather not reconnect with.

*she, and technically it’s actually a civil partnership that’s mainly happening for visa reasons and is also an oft-strained-seeming long distance relationship, so basically either: they’ve decided to do the open relationship thing with quite weird timing, she’s just on it for a laugh, OR they’ve broken up in the last few days without anyone telling me and i have just made a very insensitive joke by messaging her something about a last hurrah before the shackles of marriage

it IS really easy to accidentally super-like people though. i remember once posting on here that i had accidentally super-liked a white man with dreadlocks… what a terrible, ironic prophecy of things to come


Can’t believe he waited til the end to mention the unicorns. That shit should be right at the start, entice the good ones.

Oh gawd. ‘Career’ was a word that was perhaps misused to describe my ‘experience’ on there. Rest of my post clearly describe in fairly fair terms.

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I joined up a few months after I split with my long-term GF. We were stuck living in the same flat together (separate rooms though) and were still on as friendly terms as possible but the situation went on so long that I downloaded it just to see what the fuss was about, albeit vowing to not actually do anything IRL until she’d moved out. I’m going to be working abroad for a year from February so I was kind of hoping for, I guess, just some nights out, platonic would have been fine. I messaged with a couple of nice enough people but it fizzled out without there being any actual meetups, but then I got chatting to a girl and ended up having a long phone conversation the same night. We ended up meeting up for like non-date dates, which was dead nice 'cause the point was just to hang out with somebody fun, where we’d chat and do fun activities and stuff without there being any pressure that we were auditioning for life partners or whatever. Then we really liked each other and now we are kind of proper seeing each other and I may have just managed to embroil myself in a tangled situation where my going off to live on the other side of the world for an entire year might now not be the best idea but I’m definitely going because I have signed a contract and ended a 7 year relationship sort of largely in order to do it and have worked/studied for about a year to get to this point.

It’s not the funniest Tinder anecdote, I’ll grant you.

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Oh man that is quite the quagmire you’re in. Does the new lady know of your intentions to do one to the other side of planet Earth?

Oh yeah it was on the table from day one. She is from another country and has been living here for like 2 years with only vague future plans, so it was OK that we weren’t thinking of anything beyond just hanging out and having fun. Also that’s why the early going was very tentative and we were just sort of not-date-dating.

Also also my now ex-GF who I’m still friends with and took the break-up pretty hard doesn’t know about any of this yet. (I’d rather not link her to this thread)

I blame Tinder and not my personal decisions for all of this.


this sound like something lopan would do


I always assume in that scenario they will swipe right just to see if I did - then explode with derisive laughter when they see its a match and immediately unmatch me

*Tinder than things


it seemed made up until i got to the Los Angeles bit

housemate is using it a lot at the minute so i’m hearing a lot of tinder stories.

the other night she was chatting to a match and he asked for her number - then he actually PHONED HER. TWICE. who does that?

she also showed me an exchange with a guy she liked who quickly went from friendly chat to asking her if she’s into cuckolding (which she had to google)

I’m not even on Tinderbook