Tinder Stories


I just went to say ‘c’est la vie’ to someone on Tinder, for some inexcusable reason, and auto-correct changed it to ‘c’est la viewtopic.php’ and I hit enter without realising.



Say it’s true, say to me, “c’est la viewtopic.php”


That’s properly done me! :smiley:

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That’ll be a great story for the grandkids.

Will our grandkids even know what php is!!!??

I’ve never matched with anyone on Tinder.


Well that username probably isn’t helping.


I’m trying Tinder again. Have designed my profile specifically to scare off as many people as possible, so that only the really good ones will be left. I forget from time to time how extremely addictive the whole swiping thing is once you get started! Like a game that you want to finish or level up or something. I guess in my case “levelling up” would be to actually go on a date with someone off there.

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I downloaded Tinder when it first came out. There was no one at all who made me want to swipe left. So I deleted it. I went on Grindr but only received messages from elderly East Asian men. Why they’re attracted to me is a mystery. I met my current boyfriend (three and a half years ago) in a bar in Dalston.



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Set up tinder as well. Met a couple really nice people, and someone I was really getting on with until I found out they were a massive Tory. Got another date on Wednesday, they’re definitely not a Tory so looking forward to it

One of the things I’ve done to filter out lots of people is to mention politics explicitly in my bio.

Yeah your references to the far right is why I swiped left tbh


A girl I’ve been talking to just said she doesn’t feel well. I tried to respond with ‘aww’, which of course, auto-corrected to ‘awesome’.


Honestly though, ffs


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Yeah. A 28 year old girl called her interns (average age 25 at her organization, masters degree minimum) her “kids” (“don’t worry, I’m coming now my kids will do my work for me”). I called her out for being massively condescending and that I wouldn’t expect to hear something like that from someone her age and we had a bit of a barny.

Still went on the date, forgot about the argument. Just weren’t really that much of a match.