Tinned fish

This week for my lunches I’m experimenting with Sainsbury’s complete collection of tinned mackerel options. I’m not sure where I got the notion but apparently tinned fish is a whole trend so I must’ve picked it up somewhere:

Got any favourite tinned fish brands? Recipes? I’m just banging it on toast and yesterday was delicious, looking forward to today’s.


Reckon they taste better out the sea to be honest mate

Finned tish

Does that app have to fucking ruin everything


Not even on fishbook

Tuna is great and as someone that doesn’t like “fishy” stuff I used to eat loads of it but apparently there’s a high mercury content in it. Little tiddlers like sardines/mackerel are apparently much better for stuff like this which is a shame as it STINKS.

I like tinned tun. I like mackerel but not from a tin. Made me really queasy in Lisbon when I’d order a drink and then they’d come over and plonk an open tin of sardines next to me.

The USA government banning TikTok can’t come soon enough.

Go through quite a bit of sainsburys tinned anchovies. Great for pasta and on top of heavily buttered toast :yum:


Dont have anything to open it with


Prefer a nice bit of mackerel pate to be honest.

I’ll eat it but don’t think it would ever be out of choice

I do like jars of anchovies preserved in salt though

Really good finely chopped in puttanesca

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Things in tins have big wartime energy

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Reckon I’ve got a little tin of mackerel in the cupboard that’s 10+ years old and has survived 4 house moves

Never going to eat it

Absolutely :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love how wound up my wife gets by those shops in Portugal selling tinned fish to tourists at a ridiculous markup because it’s in a fancy shop in a touristy area and the tin looks nice.



Despite all my rage tinned fish


What happens between the fish being in the sea and the fish ending up in a tin where it can last for literally years, that’s what I want to know. Something’s not right there.