It’s a living hell.

can it ever get better?

Feel like I’m getting to the point now that unless I have constant noise in my headphones I can never relax

I’m sorry man, I’ve heard it really sucks, and there’s basically nothing that can be done about it atm.
Really need to take better care of my ears.

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a constant eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee high pitched noise 24 hours a day, sometimes you can train the brain not to notice it but when you remember it really fucking sucks for a long time

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How long have you been having it for mate?

I’ve had it about 10ish years and I stopped noticing it about 3rd year in, just hear past it really.

Actually this thread has reminded me that I have it and I’m gonna be really wound up by the loud screeching in my ears until something distracts me in about 5 mins and then I forget again for a few week

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my advice to everybody is never be in a band and never stand near a drum kit

yeah no idea, years probably 8+ years at this point. Recently it seems to be getting worse though or I’m just noticing it more

Aye it’s grim.

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ah that sounds horrible. Have you checked with a gp if they can offer anything? I’ve got a lot of anxiety around going to the doctor so I’ve never actually asked, kinda expect them to not do anything but probably worth an ask.

I’ve heard hypnotism can be good for it, but it doesn’t works for everybody and probably costs quite a bit.

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Yeah I’ll just live with it, I haven’t had good experiences with my gp for most things.

Just fancied a moan :slight_smile:

Hope yours is manageable for you most of the time

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Have you tried this technique?

It helps provide some relief with mine

Edit: slightly more info here: https://trudenta.com/this-simple-trick-may-help-with-tinnitus/#:~:text=Place%20your%20index%20fingers%20on,as%20necessary%20to%20reduce%20tinnitus.”

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I have it and now I’m thinking about it, it’s very loud. I really find distracting myself from it helps, this is why I read/watch to fall asleep because my mind is off it. Idk what helps but listening to music at gentle volumes, earplugs at concerts and not blocking your nose when you sneeze at least will help in not making it worse

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That worked instantly :open_mouth:


Honestly it went from about an 8 to a 2, its climbed back up to a 4 now but still, much better

Yeah it’s good for those moments you just need a break from it.

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I’ve said it before but it might have been drowned out by an acute ringing, but after seeing Mogwai once 20 years ago, i had noticeable tinnitus for a month. I know it’s still there from time to time, but i thought I’d have to hear it all day every day for a while. Not fun, not clever. That said I crave hearing music at loud volumes and also have autistic related audio processing issues, so i’m not sure if my hearing is typical or not.

wow this really does reduce it quite a bit.

Thank you so much, what a beautiful gift x


May it bring you some deserved peace in these trying times

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My dad has had it for decades. I would suggest speaking to your GP because it can be caused by exposure to loud noises like drums (probably in this case!), but it can also be related to other conditions. They may want to test your hearing and ask if you’re having any other symptoms that might be related.

CBT is sometimes recommended to reduce the impact on your quality of life. There is also tinnitus retraining therapy for severe cases, which aims to train your brain to ignore the noise. My dad wore these hearing aid type things that played white noise into his ears for a while, I don’t think it worked on him but apparently it does on some people.

The main thing that helped my dad, other than time, was identifying dietary triggers. I’m not sure how much of this is placebo but he claims that red wine, oranges and chocolate trigger his tinnitus. He does still drink a lot of wine and eat a lot of chocolate so I think he decided that he would rather deal with the tinnitus than give them up.


This hearing test can give me brief relief from it, though it does make me a bit sad my hearing stops working at about 15/16k.

I’m hopeful in the future there will be some sort of cure. There’s a treatment in Dublin I’m half tempted to sign up for

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