Tinsel Tuesday

Going for a Christmas in California with dinosaurs look @Epimer

How about you? Tinsel based plans??


I’ve just watched the Tinsel episode of Hey Duggee (which was excellent) and it described my life at Xmas.

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First day of my Christmas break today, wonder how long it will go before I have to answer an email or phone call?

Lots of household admin and last minute present organizing to do …but mainly getting to spend a whole day at home with Shades

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Morning slicks, kieth, bitt, ruffers (typing),

Got to sort out [redacted] for DiS Secret Santa, get ready some Christmas craft stuff for R, and generally be Christmassy when I just want to sink into a hole in the earth and not come out.

Edit: actually dismas stuff is nice, I’d do that then sink into the hole after)

Morning folks. Been up all night haven’t I? Got about 500 words to write, bibliography, check it over (lol) and submit by 1pm latest. The thing that’s annoyed me the most is that in all the kerfuffle I’d forgotten to take my pissing recycling out, and I can hear the van outside, but I’ll be fucked if I’m getting into a garbageman argument at this hour, at this time of year, localised entirely within my own essay deadline.
There’s going to be dozens more nights like this to come btw can’t wait to update you all.



Well that didn’t take long did it?

I think I’ve got tinselitis

I am actually not feeling well but at the moment it’s just an achy bones feeling with few other symptoms


Day off today but I’d forgotten I have an early dentist appointment so no lie in.
Later I’m heading to London to meet a friend for lunch that I’ve not seen in ages. Then we’re going to the Science museum.


Got this amazing new necklace from my secret santa yesterday. Absolutely love it. It’s a long one too. Proper little dendrophile, me. And they picked up on it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s okay it’s only the recycling. It doesn’t stink.


:heart: :heart: :heart:

Love you slicks! What an excellent way to start a Tuesday!

Shirt please where from?

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I like that clock. :+1:

No tinsel plans as we don’t have it in our tree. Kiddo shall be wearing dinosaur dungarees though

Rubbish night sleep. Up at 1.30 with a chatty kiddo and she went to sleep at 4.20. tired m9s. Driving back to my parents, dropping the car off at the garage and spending the day playing. Meeting an ATD for beers later

Was stood at crossing (not a busy one at 7am so I usually just wait til no cars are there and cross) and guy winds down his window and shouts (I think had head phones in) ‘You need to press the button!’
And I was like ‘What?’
Then I just quickly crossed whilst the lights where still red.

Pissed me off a bit.

Too much work to do. Not enough time.


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Tiredness out of 10

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Nice shirt! Looks much better on you than it did on me.

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Christmas cheer levels

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  • Mince pie chart

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Fucking hate these pie charts. Can’t see who voted for what and judge them accordingly.
Had the ‘running a pub with @colon_closed_bracket’ dream again, and @tilty worked for us. Also, it’s my Friday :tada::tada::tada:


Fucking cheeky little shit of an elf spent the whole night playing my switch. Fucks sake.