Tinselly Tuesday eve

Always thought it was over, weird.

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hmmm screenshot the character your missing.

the head buried in the snow maybe?

but i thought that was BT man from love actually

ok, turns out it was that

merry christmas mr lawrence

can’t say i’ve seen that one

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David Bowie!


Brutus The Basa Fishcake

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Sup y’all :wave:, headed to the hospital in a bit to spend the night with the TV who just woke up from her operation, all went well which is a big relief, currently on the hunt for some flowers.


Hakesaw Jim Duggan


Long day wfh :sleeping:

Just making some veggie maqlooba for tea.

Gonna watch football then go to sleep

Went for my first bath in well over a year. Not a big fan of a bath but when you feel lousy/have a bad back they’re great.
Pretty warm right enough.
Hey @Bamnan how was your bath?!

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I only heard of this recently in that R.E.M. song exploder episode when it dawns on them the similarity between the music from it and Losing My Religions.

It’s now December, are you in the Christmas spirit yet?

  • Of course!
  • Not just yet, but will be soon
  • Never will be

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Still in it but good thanks!

Forgot to charge my Bluetooth speaker though so no music :frowning:

Today’s my son’s birthday, Christmas kicks off tomorrow.

(it’s a very convenient divider)


HB young Balonz!


good evening! rubbish day at the Christmas factorie

tired. fnc 4 dinner. watched a bit of mockingjay part one,
. now im listening to sport.

He kind of is a Balonz as well as he’s nicked my Switch to play Fortnite.

A glorious username to be proudly passed down the generations.


can’t get into the Christmas spirit until the workplsce closes. so Christmas Eve basically

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answers are touch move your fortnite switch!

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