Tinseltown - yes or no?

  • Yes
  • No

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dont understand the question so i voted no. hope this helps




No idea what it is but I feel pretty safe in saying that it’s shit for cunts.




Tinseltown In The Rain - yes
Tinseltown - no


Always get the birthday message when I’m there, it’s a work of art


Was just about to post this:


Yes, they exist.




Like I said. Art.


Sounds like a massive fire hazard to me.


Voted yes but with the caveat that the last time I went to one was in about 2006


pretty sure I was with you tbh


Definitely in the top ten songs ever written - the version on jools Holland is even better too


I went to one in Clerkenwell many years ago. I seem to remember it being open really late so people would go in after having to been to Fabric or whatever.


Love the first 2 Blue Nile albums! Never heard the Jools Holland version of this, will check it out.


Never watched it.

Bought the soundtrack CD second hand from a shop in Skipton two and a half years ago, though.