Tiny houses

I’m incredibly fascinated by the whole Tiny House thing atm. Micro houses, tiny houses, all of it. Look at all of these ones for example:

Let’s talk about tiny houses for a bit, DiS.

I’m a bumbling, unco-ordinated, slobby hoarder and I would hate to live in one of these. Make me feel a bit anxious just seeing them tbh


Really like well-designed homes, especially if they can make homes more affordable in high demand areas.

Not into the whole Tiny House In The Woods thing at all. You’re kidding yourself if you think living in the middle of the woods is automatically more sustainable.


my house is small, but not tiny. That’s all I’ve got.

I really love the idea, would love a tiny house somewhere really beautiful. Have watched a lot of travel vlogs of people settling in korea and japan where space is hard to come by so small, all things included options are plentiful and it’s so good, wish there was more like that in london

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Also it’d encourage me to stop hoarding, I only threw away a tshirt I had when I was 9 in my twenties, and jeans i bought when I was 17 when I was about 30. Not that they even fit lmao I just liked to have them

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sometimes I like to think of my flat as a tiny house

Yeah I was looking at studio flats a few years ago and even that gave me anxiety. I’ve got far too much stuff for a tiny home to be feasible but even apart from that I feel anxious thinking about having that little space.

I would just spend all of my time knocking shit over. Horrendous

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When I was small, I used to think that bungalows were for old people. Maybe they are - it takes away stairs which could be an issue in advancing years.

Has anyone ever met a young person who lived in a bungalow?

I think the spirit of this is good in the sense that we should live in the space that we need and not much more - but there’s also something a bit depressing about 'Hey - here’s some housing you can afford finally! and it’s only 20 sqm!!)

something’s gone a bit wrong there

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I live in a bungalow.

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Me too!
Big houses freak me out. I like my small flat.

Think I’d be very happy in a tiny house.

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I like tiny house nation as a TV show

There is a Tiny House type place near me that seems to be constantly changing hands - it’s probably smaller than some 1 bedroom flats


I can only assume people buy it thinking they are going to love it then realise it’s too small


Originally read this as “Tiny Horses”

Mrs likes the idea of tiny cottage type places. Being tall they can do one give me as much space as possible. I don’t want to play tetris with household objects.

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I love this stuff. A bit obsessed with this YT channel


Obviously love those too



Keep thinking I’d love a tiny house but then I remember one of my frustrations with my current home is the lack of space.