Tiny interactions from your life that you still think about

You know, those meaningless moments that somehow got stuck in your head and still crop up years later when you’re trying to fall asleep.

When I was a kid I went to the dentist and he asked me how old I was. I said, feeling pretty bright, “I’ll be seven next month!” And he looked annoyed and said: “So how old are you now?” “…Six,” I said. To this day, I don’t know if he was just annoyed I didn’t directly answer his question, thought I was trying to trick him (“I’ll be seven next month… because I am already seven! AHAHAH”) or genuinely couldn’t work it out. Thought about this for quite a while last night.


reckon he was going for dry bants but it went over your 7 year old head


Went to shake the hand of a mate on Sunday after his race

I went for:

Charlie went for:

Just ended up holding little fingers really. Traumatised.


I once accidentally said “I like cows” just because I was thinking it during a GCSE English lesson when the teacher was mentioning the description of the cows in whatever text it was. Mortifying. Pretty sure it’s a contributing factor to why I now internalise literally every thought I ever have rather than speak them out loud.


The OP has reminded me of a bit of clownish banter from my salad days.

I used to know a clown. He once asked me how old I was. I said seven. He said “ah, seven. I was seven when I was your age.”

I did get the joke!


Oh my God.

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Holy shit sooogeaarrll, that was a stressful read.

Edit : hope you’re ok.


catharsis? I dunno you’re the one with the biology degree.


I HATE the top one and your scenario is exactly why.

we do handshakes. it’s a thing. everyone knows where we are with a handshake. stop messing it up.

thread delivers.

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EDIT: warning that this post has a length/interestingness ratio of 136/1

I remember once when I was about 19 we were on a night out and a Manu Chao song came on and one of my friends said to me “Joe I bet you hate Many Chao don’t you” and I was like “yeah actually I do!” and she follows up with “like I bet it really annoys you that so many people love him and you kind of think they’re idiots for liking him”…“fucking right on”.

anyway as the years have passed I’ve realised that although I do still think Manu Chao was massively overrated I can’t work up the scorn any more and I think my previous scorn was based on some kind of insecurity. I’ve thought about that moment a lot for some reason, at the time cos I felt vindicated and since because I feel glad I’m not insecure about things like that any more.

then like two weeks ago I was at a festival and watching a band with the same friend and she turned round and said “Joe I bet you hate this don’t you” and I was like “naw I wouldn’t listen to it every day but I’m enjoying myself now”. Don’t know if she remembers the original conversation or not but it was quite uncanny.


This, but worse. Climbers traditionally fist bump, because 1) hands covered in chalk and 2) one of you is normally missing substantial amounts of skin on palms/fingers.

Anyway, at the wall I bumped into a guy I’d met ages ago on a trip outdoors. I went in for the trad fist bump, and he went for handshake. Then we did the equivalent of the walking-towards-someone-on-the-street dance where I flipped to a handshake and him to a fist bump. Went through several quick changes before I eventually shook his closed fist.


at uni, my then housemate’s dad came by one time to drop some stuff off or something, so I gave them a hand unloading the car. I was near the front door as they were finishing up, and the dad approached with his hand out, so I shook it. he was like, “that’s great, but I was actually just reaching for the door handle”


Yeah, but Ant said he liked cows so ¯_(ツ)_/¯


That reminds me of my first year at school and we were painting butterflies and you only paint half the page and then fold to make a mirror image of there wings and I just couldn’t get it and kept painting it on both sides and the teacher really scolded me and said ‘NO! THATS WRONG, YOURE NOT DOING IT RIGHT!’ an I was only like 4. I swear that’s why I went my whole life saying ‘oh I’m rubbish at art’ and never got to feed my soul doing art, what a fuking Cnt, i wish I could track her down and tell her she’s an arse.


hey guys remember that time jazzballet misused the Summary function on dis :laughing:

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Can someone add ‘I like cows’ in grey next to Ant’s user name? Thanks.



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