Tiny interactions from your life that you still think about

Do the classic ‘respond to someone saying happy birthday by saying happy birthday in return’ pretty much every year.


this is bullying.


Can you put dave in the cooler for a few days please? Thanks.


90% of my takeaway deliveries end with, “enjoy your meal!” “You too!”

I haven’t enjoyed a takeaway for years. The embarrassment ruins it.


literally every last one at all waking moments

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idiot dickhead!!!

edit: actually that makes sense.

It is I that is the idiot dickhead


enjoyed watching that change in realtime you idiot dickhead

Can’t remember which airport I was at, but when checking in, the lady said “Have a nice flight”, and I unthinkingly said “You too!” and rather than cheerfully ignore me she looked at me like I was a simpleton and said, “No, I stay here.”


the check-in people often are the in-flight crew too though, aren’t they?

She probably thought you were trying to hit on her, you massive sleaze.

I think ground crew and cabin crews are different.

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The thing from the old board that came to mind for me was this story (can’t find the original version, only dots’ recollection of it):



Not on EasyJet.

The time me and my housemate slammed the door in Dianne Abbott’s face just before the 2010 election because we were stoned and had no idea who she was at the time.


When I first started here, a guy told he he was getting a divorce and for some reason I thought he was joking and I laughed in his face.


struggling to picture an appropriate time to talk about that sort of thing at work, let alone to a new starter.

ha ha homemade card budget airline wanker

Thats why I thought it was a joke!!

My boyfriend said happy birthday to me the other day when I said happy birthday to him
I said thanks.


They’re defo different. They don’t just hop on the plane after and shut all the doors behind them.

Used to work with a bunch of Europeans who when they’d visit would go in for double, sometimes triple cheek kissing. My boss’s boss was a very tall, formal Swede and normally double kissed and I’d usually mess it up by pulling away after one. Then on one particular visit I decided to man up and braced myself for the double kiss. Went in for the second as he pulled away and ended up planting a smacker on the lips. Mortifying for all involved.