Tiny interactions from your life that you still think about

Nothing better/worse than witnessing kissing greeting awkwardness


Yeah, did that on a first date with someone from OKCupid. Went in for a hug / kiss on the cheek to say goodbye, ended up giving her a peck on the lips. WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY


Was once buying some wool jumper from somewhere (All Saints or Zara or one of those shops), and the girl behind the counter was folding it and putting it into a bag, and said “I love this jumper.”

I didn’t (and tbh, still don’t) know how to respond - “thanks”? That would have been weird. “Me too”? Even weirder. People shouldn’t put others in a position where there isn’t an obvious response that is both polite and conversation-ending.
I just didn’t say anything.

i think about that story whenever i’m on a train passing a field of horses

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should have styled it out and gone for a full on “deep kiss”

but why were your trousers off

We did meet up again a few times. But things only got cringier from from there.

I put them all in the wash at the same time again.

I went for a work meal years ago at a few jobs back, think I was about 23?
It was at some asian fusion fancy place and we had edamame.
There was a guy there from another company with us and I saw him use his chop sticks to grab a big load of edamame FROM THE EDAMAME SKIN BOWL.
Everyone had eaten the edamame beans out if it, flobbered all over the skins and discarded them in the other bowl. This dude thought they were the edamame to eat.
He did not realise his mistake and went back more than once.

I think about this every time I see edamame


who was it that went on the date with the girl that had zero conversational banter except claiming she liked fish? laughing thinking about that

might have been eps…?

This has made me laugh without needing to hear the original story.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the word edamame before, but now it’s the only word I can see.



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i mean, i would prob say “thanks, me too”


yeah it was



hence why i’m buying it you fucking clown

edit: i would have actually said “yeah it’s well nice isn’t it?”

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Oh god, I literally just had a horrendous cringe moment. I’d been discussing an IT issue with a colleague and she said that someone else had also mentioned it. About 5 minutes later the IT guy turned up to discuss it with her and I exclaimed ‘WOW that was quick!’. They both have me a funny look and carried on talking. Turns out she’d reported it yesterday morning and I now look like I was being a massively sarcastic bitch to the poor IT guy. :joy:


“better than that shit you’ve got on. wouldn’t be caught dead in that.”

I Facebook stalked her a while back and found out she’s into Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings cosplay now.

The one that got away! Should have reeled her in while I had the chance.


Didn’t know @whiterussian was so into her fish.